Samstag, 22. Juni 2013

dc #108: SOLSTICE

On a windy day in June... the sun stands high in the sky...
roses are heavy under their load... I take my Diercke and study the map. I memorize the way... following the course of the Rivers... first River Elbe to the North Sea, along the coast of Europe... crossing the Atlantic Sea, I let the cathedral of Chartres to the left and Greenland on the right hooves side...

... and follow the Saint Lawrence River...
sometimes difficult to find because of the puffy clouds

and suddenly... I find the Great Lakes... oh, I have winged too far... 
and where is the 'circle'?


a bunch of butterflies shows me the way...
 and there it is (thank you)... surrounded by birches:

here I find my sister... sweet Woodpecker from clan of the frogs 
on her holidays in the woods by the reservoir (with an otter :) 

"I bring you Happy Birthday wishes, sis!" 

From me... the Deer from the clan of the butterflies.

Our mother, the Hawk from clan of the thunderbirds, prefered to gave birth in times of solstice.

Once upon a time I found in a horoscope by the Native American
 that people who are born in times of the solstice love to fly... fly high... high like an eagle.
 Well, its true :) love it.. to have space and a good visibility

 Sweet Kristen is our host of this week's drawing challenge. Her theme is... striking... solstice
For this theme I paint on a carton with the paintbox of my daughter and some colouring pencils. Add the cut out of deer. Tell you a story of my family... my clan.

Please wing high to dear Kristen's amazing place 
to celebrate solstice with her and all the other wonderful artists.

 Deer, Hawk and Woodpecker

Wish you a weekend full of light!

(and thank you very much for your birthday wishes... you just made my day:)



 No 107 Morning, noon and night

Today: No 108 at the 22nd + 23rd of June solstice with Kristen

Follows: No 109 at the last WE, the 29th + 30th of June with Sabine... Miss Herzfrisch
time travel

Who is our next host?

13 Kommentare:

  1. NOW i'm puzzled. did you really fly or did you imaginary fly? not that the one is less moving than the other, but perhaps you are traveling?
    i also think you have a sense of humour?
    well, anyway. with great labour (of love) i flew {myself} to the post office this morning and i can well and truly say the parcel is traveling too.
    this means you'll have to celebrate your birthday again, let's say, by the end of next week??
    will you?
    g o o d!

    1. hehehe, no, I am still here in the Castle at the Eisenbach. But, thanked to the experiences in the last years I can build pictures with my memories ;)

      a parcel? from you, Dear? celebrate? I will!

      x Ariane.

  2. such a beautiful post, for us and more so for your sister! Happy Birthday~
    i love your winged friend
    and also your tale
    plus your photos are so beautiful...
    thank you and lovely solstice to you ~

  3. die flügel, die flügel. beflügelnd.
    alles liebe füR die sis.
    fReifliegende gRüße. käthe.

  4. Story telling is a gift that you share with us and I thank you, Ariane. Happy summer to you and your family. May it be filled with sun, fun, laughter, and love. Yes, lots of love. xo Carole

  5. totally wonderful flight!! to sweet woodpecker(happy birthday to her)
    there's really magic in the air here, distances have no meaning when love is involved, it gave you a lovely pair of wings,
    happy summer Ariane, x

  6. Did you google fly? or fly the more conventional way? loe the story and the picture of you and your sisters..... Your deer and butterflys. What an amazing crater I love stories about earth just spent a half hour learning about the crater!

    Thanks Ariane

    Helen :)

  7. oh ja, so schön, so poetisch und leicht!
    x Stefanie

  8. Dearest Ariane! Deer, Hawk and Woodpecker have some fine footwear going on. They are a practical family I must say. For the times they are not in flight, they are walking the woods and mountain paths and river beds and rose gardens, delving into nature and all that this earth delights us with. They gather information and ideas and are then able to tell the most amazing and true stories. You are a grand story teller mistress, my friend. The very second I saw the deer on the stick my heart skipped a beat because I knew I was in for some wonderfulness. And I was. Thank you for the wonderfulness. Norma, xo

  9. Dear, deer, Ariane, a wonderful story with beautiful pictures! x Leena

  10. Dearest Deer, das hast du ja wieder mal einen fulminanten Höhenflug an Poesie in Wort und Bild hingelegt, wunder- wunderschön. Was soll ich sagen: Roter Habicht ist begeistert und dreht noch mal eine Extrarunde über so einen schönen post.
    bees bald

  11. What a beautiful birthday wish! she must be swooning as I am! a trip through the imagination is a special gift to give and receive! Thank you dear Ariane for sharing and playing along!

  12. indeed a beautiful birthday wish,
    dear ariane, so full of vitality, inspiration, imagination in your words and illustration, photos, again and again!
    big hugs



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