Samstag, 25. Januar 2014

dc #126: Crystal

On my walk with Liisa (she is from Finland) crystal runs in my mind 
(okay, the whole last days). At the Eppendorfer Mühlenteich, a pretty pond, it is pretty cold... many crystals in the elements, I think. The nature is nearly colourless. And, there are a lot of animals, mainly birds in all variations, even in wintertime. 
This make me think of Norma, our hostess of this week's drawing challenge. So I paint a little image of the scenery with swans in a 'frozen' crystalline manner (as good as I can:)

Please visit Norma for more crystal!

and: make sure to find out the amazing photos by 'snowflake' Wilson!


Happy birthday, dearest Nadeschda!



No 126 Norma at the 25th + 26th of January with CRYSTAL

No 127 Stefanie Seltner with Daily Project

No 128 Renilde of Stroke of the Brush with Eye Contact
at the 22nd + 23rd of February

No 129 Ariane of Rose at the frist weekend of March

No 130 Nadeschda of woolfenbell at the 8th+ 9th of March

who is our next host?



Happy weekend to y'all!

10 Kommentare:

  1. Wieder mal wunderschöne Impressionen und eine so feine, hingehauchte Malerei! Ich mag Deine Schwäne und fast weht ein Wölkchen meines Atems durch Deine Bilder beim Durchsehen...zum Glück gibt's gleich im Anschluss ein wärmendes Getränk! ;o)

  2. I love this painting the most, dear Ariane! The colour! The movement! The cold growth along the edge of the water! The birds themselves! This is so exquisite, I am inspired to make a little book again (what else is new for me??? Little books are always on my mind it seems) with tiny watercolours. I really love this one.
    Flowers in beautiful vases in warm cozy settings make me happy too. Yours are so lovely. I love that deep window sill. Thank you for this fabulous and inspiring post. Norma, xo

  3. lovely to see your colorless snowy crystalline world, much like ours....
    your swan painting is looking lovely, how fun that it will have a reflection.
    those hot toddies in the crystal glasses are inspiring me to get up and make something!

    lovely weekend to you!

  4. thank you for the coffee and the flowers, i'm much obliged. and trust you to try and figure out the cristalline way of painting swans. you did catch the essencence, the shine of it!
    and oh my dear...
    i seem to have completely missed that DC! it's true i've been away for work and fun, so it was a pretty hectic long weekend, since wednesday evening... so. i might just still {DC} jump in, but perhaps on the next weekend, or else somewhere this week, we'll see how it goes.
    anyway. i want to thank you all for your attentive wishes. the skies granted me best of luck too, we had thunder!

  5. the theme of this weeks dc made me think of
    Masaru Emoto and his book
    'The hidden messages in water'
    all those beautiful watercrystal images inside
    i think you will like it
    like i like that walk!
    and with someone from Finland!!
    (i do miss my brother.....;^((

    and i like your icy painting
    delicate, hmmmm.....
    would love to skate on that pond!


  6. I love your swan painting, Ariane. You have really caught their grace. xxoo, sus

  7. Wieder wundervolle Impressionen von kristallklaren Tagen, mir gefällt auch das frostige kristalline Schwanenbild und im Moment (Montag morgen fühle ich mich zum Kaffee besonders hingezogen - ich glaub, ich mal mir mal einen!) - und dann der Frühling als hoffungsschimmernder Kontrast - schön, hach...
    Bis bald, hoffe ich,
    Barbara Bee

  8. crystal clear...
    looks like spring more than winter. also here, springy air.
    many hugs to you! dear rose.

  9. You've really captured the color of the season- as we seem to be under it's spell- the snowflake- always an inspiration right and I am always amazed at birds in icy water- I know it's their constitution or nature but it amazes me still

  10. beautiful crystal world, i do love those shades of bluish grey and greyish blue, the transparent, a stilled world, the silent gliding of birds on icy water and it's all there in your painting.. then the contrast with hot coffee and colorfull flowers is like a sweet surprise, spring will feel like that,xx



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