Samstag, 18. Januar 2014

dc #125: Numen

„[Ich] sah das Aleph aus allen Richtungen zugleich, sah im Aleph die Erde und
in der Erde abermals das Aleph und im Aleph die Erde, sah mein Gesicht und meine Eingeweide, sah dein Gesicht und fühlte Schwindel und weinte, weil meine Augen diesen geheimen und gemutmaßten Gegenstand erschaut hatten, dessen Namen die Menschen
in Beschlag nehmen, den aber kein Mensch je erblickt hat: 
das unfassliche Universum.“

 "[I] saw the Aleph from all directions at the same time, saw in the Aleph the Earth
and in the Earth again the Aleph and in the Aleph the Earth, saw my face and my guts, saw your face and feel vertigo and wept, because my eyes has viewed this secret and conjectured matter, whose name the humans hogs, but that no human ever has seen: 
the unbelievable universe."

"El Aleph" by Jorge Luis Borges, 1949


Tammie is our first host of the drawing challenge this year (thank you!). It is the 125th and her huge theme is NUMEN. At her place you will find a lot of it.

I saw some random images at Renilde de Peuter's... and a quote of Jorge Luis Borges.

About that I have found the story "The Aleph" (s. a.), at what it is a question of a point in a room/space that contains all points of the world inside. Aleph... Aleph? something has tinkled in my mind: the Aleph is the first letter of many languages and even in the Arabic... alif. 

So I try a bit of calligraphy...
I write on papyrus but not with a split reed and soot or ink (it defies me, how someone can write from right to the left without smudge the writing). Instead of that I use a permanent pencil in black and henna red... and I can feel the numen... 


No 124 Garland


*No 125 at Tammie's with NUMEN

No 126 Norma at the 25th + 26th of January with CRYSTAL

who is our next host?


"Only the heart can see well, the essence is hidden from the eyes." 
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Happy weekend!

15 Kommentare:

  1. oh ... wie ich deine sicht auf die dinge liebe. so schön!

  2. Ich mag Deine Fotos ja sowieso, aber die Zeichnungen sind großartig - auf den Punkt gebracht!
    Der Satz von Saint-Exupéry begleitet mich seit meiner Kindheit, meine Patentante schrieb ihn seinerzeit in mein Poesie-Album... wunderbar und so passend zu unserem Thema heute.
    Hab ein schönes Wochenende x Stefanie

  3. Ein sehr meditativer, zentrierender Beitrag. Bilder und Text sind zusammen fast atemberaubend schön. Und die Brücke von Borges zur Kalligraphie ist der helle Wahnsinn! Chapeau!

  4. beautiful glimpses of the spirit of winter
    such an amazing poem you have shared.
    the word: Aleph is one i recently learned in a book by Paulo Coehlo titled: Aleph. So fun to have you share about it so soon.
    i am enjoying your exploration of lines and design.

    Thank you!

  5. not just the numen either. i often think of your dreamy self when i see the moon glowing ever bigger into the round shape which is full. i imagine you gazing at the moon and drinking its light...
    as to your question about Mass, and i gather, religion? sacred it is, for sure, which can take on many forms and meanings. spiritual too, i am convinced. music of Mass, yes. ;)))
    to find the time for what all i do? i seem to shape the priorities, evolving around my small, small world, and i am urged to act upon these. time is of the essence. time and skill. i simply need to sharpen my skills.

  6. I love how zen (for lack of a better word) this post is- there is always numen in something so simple and straightforward- it speaks to the center in us- like the circle or point or line- elegant in simplicity which I find myself saying to you quite a bit Ariane- you really have a knack for it! something for me to strive for :)

  7. Your posts always transport me to wonderful places Ariane! Always. I can count on it. With your photographic eye and photos that you capture, and with your art form (whatever it takes as it is changing always) and I tag onto the tails of thought...loved this post as I knew I would. Norma, xo
    p.s. visiting Renilde's blog from your link, I was instantly reminded that I have an idea for a challenge theme and would love to host. The theme is CRYSTAL and I have a story to go with this theme. Just putting it out for you! *smiles*

  8. Ariane, this is a beautiful post. The calligraphy you give us I can look at long - I feel time slow and my senses sharpen. The presence of a numen, yes...

  9. such a mooooooooon! magic!
    beautiful here dear rose,

  10. I love the atmosphere in your pictures, so magical and perfect. I really like the last one with the shadow. So beautiful...

  11. wow, i'm touched, it's there in everything,numen, it's a matter of letting it in.
    the way you make that clear is so beautiful, zen came to my mind too watching and reading, xx

  12. This went in very unexpected ways, and I liked it! The repetition of shapes is a marvelous journey of it's own. The numen is strong in this one. :-)

  13. Wenn ich es mir so genau überlege, dann ist Numen (oder Alep) in jedem deiner Fotos vorhanden, egal ob wundervolle Naturbilder, wie die ersten 3 oder der Mond oder ein Stilleben von zu Hause. Bei der ist ein Teller mit angebissenem Kuchen und einer Gabel schon "voll von Numen", das macht ihre Qualität aus und ist ein Geschenk! Magie.
    Liebe Grüße
    Barbara Bee

  14. and everytime i see the moon
    i think of you
    i love this post
    the firts three
    the others with the circle
    numen, divinity
    it's there


  15. so moved by this post, dear Ariane,
    thank you.



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