Freitag, 25. April 2014


Jägerin... Huntress

Ornithological warden ;-)

Genießerin ... Aficionado

... soon!

Achte auf den Schmetterling hier (oben rechts) und die Blumendüfte!

Look at the butterfly here (top right) and the flowery scents!

Wünsche Euch ein sinnliches Wochenende!

Wish you a sensual weekend!


PS: Any host for the next weekend(s)?

5 Kommentare:

  1. oh yes! green! longer days and sunshine do make a difference, fauna and flora and we, everything comes alive. (never get tired looking at birds)
    i should do something with the rubarb in my garden too, thanks for the tip ;)

    are that baby squirrels?

    enjoy your weekend Ariane, x

  2. ;^))

    sweet you
    thank you for these summery images
    i can be the host for 3-4 May

    wishing you a fine weekend!

  3. as sweet as it gets, ariane... just that.
    yep. soon!

  4. fresh pictures, here's is grey and cold in these days. thank you :-)

  5. Spring has sprung in your neighborhood! I love all the activity and light and I picture you observing it all with some lovely tea- and a great camera! ;)



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