Samstag, 3. Mai 2014

dc #135: FOOD

From my balcony at the Eisenbach I look (hark) back at the fade day:
has been to Blankenese with my eldest and after a walk at the River Elbe we went to the market... captured there something to eat (and something for the vases)

I am (even) at my food a sensitive plant...
because of the neurodermitis: Eat for over 30 years now no pork, avoid the potato family like paprika, legumes, citrus fruits and spicy food and... chocolate. Sounds like a living death (especially the last point, no?) but I agree e.g. with curcubit, hmmm!, in all variations, fresh herbs like mint and rice... all eats, fast to digest.

I have some cookbooks... just for inspiration,
 because I cook more rarely after recipe... but often I cook in an old pot:

My grandfather from Denmark donated it to my parents when I was born. I love its pattern of the 60th (even when it shows exactly that food that I should not eat)

Here you are!

Painted it from a box of watercolours. 

 You will find more food at Patrice's garden, our sweet host of the 135th dc this weekend with her theme FOOD

Wish y'all a happy day... with enough to eat!


No 132 Water 

No 133 Nest

 today: No 135 FOOD at Patrice's

. . .

Who is our next host?

9 Kommentare:

  1. Life without chocolate! Oh my!
    Your paintings are vibrant, Ariane, like you.
    Happy Sunday to you.
    xo Carole

  2. your clouds are my clouds. i'm not sure whether these are what you saw just yesterday, but i remember staring, STARING from the bus's window, at these rows and rows and rows of clouds, neatly stacked, as if in waiting. just beautiful.

    ha! i'm glad to read something on your diet. will keep track of it for supper then, yeah? i'm going through bad ass days myself, snacking on all that is bad for me, i'm definitely not in a quiet place, but it's hormonal, i'm convincing myself...

    okay. let's see... have a splendid evening. and day!... n♥

  3. gorgeous, have a lovely sunday xxxxx

  4. such lovely photos
    and some foods i also feel we are better without
    fun to see your paintings... i don't think i have ever drawn or painted food

  5. Wonderful photos again and sorry to hear that you can't it so many things, phew. I really like your fresh and light dancing vegetable paintings.
    Only 3 days left! YEAY!
    barbara bee

  6. It sounds to me like to make up for what you can't have with plenty of wonderful foods that suit you well :)
    It's always better to focus on what we have opposed to what we don't or can't right
    I like how you describe yourself as a sensitive plant...I feel similar
    Hope you have a good week!
    I'd like to host but can't next weekend...perhaps the week after?? 17/18

  7. Love your sky photos ( food for the soul).

  8. Dreamy photos, Ariane - and the watercolors, most excellent as is your meditation on food allergy - yes, food for the soul!

  9. like Kristen says
    it's better to focus on what you can eat
    that is what i did with the diet of Jort
    and your drawings remind me of the bowls
    we used to have when i was a child!
    ha! sweet memories....

    thank you for joining



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