Samstag, 30. August 2014

dc #143: JAPAN

 For a long time now I am interested in 

the vanitas... the becoming and passing away 
(f. i. you can see some analogue photo stills here which I made in ~ 2005)

Many years earlier my later husband J and I joined a Japanese tea ceremony.
At that we even learned about to admire
茶碗 ... the tea cup: we held it in our hands, lifted it at eye level and turned it to look at carefully from every angle, felt the surface, the material, praised the fine colour.

Some days after the ceremony J went to a pottery and
order some tea cups according to his instructions:

My tea cup is battered now but I still love it! I coloured the tracks simple in gold.
Maybe after an idea of 侘寂 ... Wabi-sabi, the aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection...

it makes me humbly and grateful

joyful and happy
to join you at this drawing challenge again after a long break. Our host is Nadine, my sweet Nadeschda, and her theme is JAPAN.

Please visit her fabulous place for more!
Wish you a fine weekend!

we are still moving... 


*Summer break*

back at this last weekend of August
with No 143 at woolfy Nadeschda's with her theme:

 . .
who is our next host?


(Anemone hupehensis var. japonica)

13 Kommentare:

  1. Hi Ariane, so glad you're back. How did the move go? Everything alright I hope. :D I also love the tea ceremony and the art of wabi-sabi. Actually, would love to intentionally break some pottery just to do it. I just remembered, a friend of mine, who is a potter, gave some directions for an easy method a while ago. Must go find it. Oh, and speaking of vanitas, I've also been photographing them for a number of years. Aren't we a pair? Big hugs to you form me over here in OXON still.

  2. your 2005 stills are gems, and demand 'more of this'. you may know this yourself. there's one thing that can be said of a good lens and it is that it talks without words.

    embrace the batters of household goods.. see, i have great difficulty in doing that, although you've managed the chips bravely by gilding the grazes... clever woman.

    welcome back, ariane, although you're not out of the woods yet, so it seems. i wish you quick resolve and more enjoying tea, and cookies and your new, freshly painted and decorated surroundings...! thxs for playing, ariane, x n♥

  3. hello you!
    it's so good to see little corners of the new home to be!
    and those first image, so beautiful and soft and so, so you
    the you i am happy to know a little ;^))

    and those two teacups made me smile
    especially yours! because of the little cracks which you have painted gold ;^))
    the shape is jut the way a teacup should be, i think
    happy weekend and good luck with those last bits and pieces of the move
    a big hug with both arms wide
    Patrice A.

    for a while i could see your images on instagram
    but now i can't ;^((

  4. Wunderschöne Fotos liebe Ariane...faszinierend das das Blau der Hortensien und der Teetassen beinahe gleich ist.
    Herzliche Grüße
    ♥ Sabine

  5. Such lovely photos
    and cups
    when i saw the chips i thought of wabi-sabi
    they are lovely
    and the chips are part of the story now

  6. verzaubernd!
    Die Tassen sind toll und ich bin ganz fasziniert von diesem Wabi-sabi...
    Viel Spass beim moving weiterhin
    x Stefanie

  7. So nice to see your post Ariane- acceptance of transience and imperfection- so much to ponder there right- I love your cups and of course all your your photos- I hope the renovations are winding down- miss seeing you here- thank goodness for Instagram :)

  8. Beautiful, delicate pics and a charming story - once again - thank you, sweet Ariane xo Leena

  9. Wunderschön! Einfach wunderschön, tolle Fotos und mir gefällt die Geschichte der Teezeremonie und den Tassen SEHR. Habt Ihr die Zeremonie im Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe gemacht? Da habe ich nämlich mal an einer teilgenommen und war davon auch schwerst beeindruckt, über diese Konzentration, Einfachheit und immense Schönheit dadurch.
    Wie kommst du voran mit dem Chaos?
    Liebe Grüße
    Barbara bee

  10. Oh! Was für eine wunderschöne Geste, die sichtbaren Gebrauchsspuren der Tassen zu betonen. In gold! So eine tiefe, schöne Aussage, auch im übertragenen Sinne. Man sollte das für so viele Bereiche anwenden, aber vor allem auf uns selbst. Gelebtes Leben ist wertvoll und sollte sichtbar gemacht werden.
    Und ganz nebenbei: ich liebe Tee!! Ich kann gar nicht ohne und jeder einzelne Schluck ist ein Genuss! :-)

  11. I like your photos. Your cup may be battered but full of memories. - eric

  12. what a dedicated photo's, very charming, very....touchy...



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