Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2014

dc #147: Cookies

The favorite cookies in the Castle at the Eisenbach are called
'Mamakekse'... cookies of Mom. 

I am addicted to these...
and I try to fool myself and put those to the highest point in the kitchen so that I eat less.

(the doors of the kitchen cabinets are still to come)

Dear Stefanie Seltner is our host from the drawing challenge. Her theme is cookie. For this I draw this tower of chairs on old kraft paper (made in former GDR)... and not that Belgium Prince Cookie ;-)

I am late... wish you a nice evening!


today: No 147: Stefanie Seltner with cookie (biscuit) at the 11th + 12th of October

who is our next host?



16 Kommentare:

  1. thank you for inspiring a chuckle
    all those chairs to get to the hidden cookies
    please don't fall climbing to your desire
    such a fun piece

  2. And does it work, putting them on the highest point? When I do that, there's always that little voice in me saying: you know they are there, you know it, take them take them...

  3. By the way, those chairs are perfect for a castle. They are so fragile, love them!

  4. when I saw the chairs one on the other. I thought: are to reach the tin of cookies! :)
    Be careful. be better to use a ladder! :)

  5. Ein wackeliger Stuhlturm aus hübschen Barock- und Biedermeier-Sitzmöbeln! Was tut man nicht alles, um an die Leckereien zu kommen! Ich bin sicher, sie sind auch im obersten Regal nicht vor Dir sicher (vor mir wären sie's nicht!).
    Frohes Klettern und Kekse-Knabbern! ;-)

  6. nicht leicht, bei dir an die kekse zu kommen... schöne zeichnung auf wunderbarem papier.
    ich habe auf einem flohmarkt auch einige tüten aus diesem papier gefunden und hüte sie wie einen schatz!.

  7. so, you put those chairs (that are exquisite, by the way) one on top of the other to reach for the highest plank in your cupboard, to save those princes from drying out, right? i dig that. careful, now.

    one thing for sure : you could never be late. ...

    and i'm curious, do you prefer prince with chocolate or vanilla cream? oh, by the way, do you like the chocolate&hazelnut version? ;)))

  8. Ha, das ist lustig. Aber der Sport des Erklimmens rechtfertigt eine Belohnung in Form von Keksen allemal, meine ich ...

  9. Nun guck dir an wie toll deine Küchenschränke schon aussehen! Einfach wunderbar, genau wie deine schönen Stuhlzeichnungen und damit kommt man sogar an die entlegen gelegstens cookies!
    l.g. barbara bee

  10. Love those chairs Ariane! and the thought of keeping something just out of reach- a good place for cookies :)

  11. sweet Ariane, sweet friend
    this blog makes me smile
    because of those beautiful chairs which are so 'you'
    because what you do is what i do too
    and it never works ;^)))

    i want you to know that i finally did it
    i opened a etsy-shop!


  12. Yes! That is exactly how I would do it to get to the hidden cookies. Brilliant. :D

  13. Eine Herausforderung an die Kekse zu gelangen. Zum Glück kann ich gut klettern :-)

  14. sweet you
    i can be the host
    NEXT weekend
    25-26 october




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