Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2014


Die Folie ist runter von den Fenstern
(die Renovierungsarbeiten gehen dabei weiter)

The film is away from the windows
(the renovation works withal has been going on)

draußen ist es nun doch herbstlich geworden 
( obwohl ich auch die Zeichen des Frühlings erkenne ;)

outside it got autumnal yet again
(altough I can even see the signs of Spring ;)

Nach dem Umzug ist in der Burg noch längst nicht alles fertig. Ich werde von Ungeduld getrieben, lese aber auch gern ein gutes Buch... und freue mich auf die drawing challenge: 

After the move it not by a long chalk in the Castle has been finished. I am driven by impatience, but read a good book, too... and looking forward to the next drawing challenge:

dear Patrice is our host with her theme 'dress' at the 25th + 26th of October

2 Kommentare:

  1. this is the longest renovation. ....
    or, this one is as long as mine.
    or, mine could be longer still...
    no renovation is fun, so bless you for adding frivolity to your days.

    yes, dress! to impress!!

  2. must be so fine to see through the windows again
    and even that's not all finished it looks like it
    at least that is what i can see ;^))
    i would love to read a good book
    but am to restless at the moment
    and have no idea yet for this DC!

    see you on saturday!
    and i gives me a ;^)) to see the wooden houses



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