Samstag, 19. September 2015

dc #176: SKIN


from the womb to the tomb

our skin
essential for survival
the skin contact

in and out, mine and yours
thick-/ or thin-skinned




After we got homeless
and lost nearly all of our things, last year
I felt naked even when I'd been dressed
(do refugees feel the same?)

Luckily I find
faith, freedom and solidarity

This week's drawing challenge is hosted by woolfy Nadeschda, who can touch Carole IRL in Geraardsbergen and Brussels! Her theme is SKIN.

I've made a photo session from skin of varied fruits ;-) and offer you even some thoughts about skin.
Come into touch with many more of skin at Nadeschda's mooi place

Thank you for keeping in touch!


#175 Pocket
#176 Skin at Nadeschda's

Stefanie Seltner will be our host at the 3rd + 4th of October.
Some host for the next weekend, the 26th + 27th of September?



10 Kommentare:

  1. ;^)))
    we had a similar idea
    love those upslose images
    the softness of the fruitskin
    the colors so soft and pinkish

    on your soft cheek skin

  2. such lovely images
    and yes so many forms of skin

    thoughts of feeling naked when all things are gone
    naked and vulnerable seem to be mated

    you have a beautiful way of seeing

  3. so many reflections about skin, losing our skin, protection, neurodermitis (here,too)...
    love your pictures and the way you catch the world outside of your skin...
    somebody told me: "I love people with neurodermitis - they seem to be so interesting because of their sensitivity, they are a bit strange, exciting..."
    please note: I would like to host the d.c. on 3./4. of October. Thank you!
    x Stefanie

  4. Smiled as soon as I saw the photograph of the peach, and then kept on smiling.
    Loved the images and words!
    Homelessness is a completely vulnerable situation. Having been homeless (temporarily) several times these last few years myself I empathise completely with that 'naked' state.

  5. What a wonderful collection of images and words; you have lovingly represented the "touch" of skin.

  6. oh well... where do i begin? your series really is the peach! the moth/butterfly makes me smile, because carole noticed a butterfly when she was staying here and made a connection to skin. i am also naturally drawn to the outtakes, because, well, they are oùttakes and therefore special. freckles, fruit, fragrance, frabjous days! yeeeeaszzz!
    THANK you for playing. carole sends her love, doug does too, you were on our minds, always. next time, soon. x nadine♥

  7. Wonderful skin photos. Thanks for sharing. - eric

  8. Beautiful, beautiful skins! I'm with Nadine; where do I begin? I love everything about the photos Ariane, and love the outtakes; especially (your?) beautiful child's mouth. All absolutely perfect. :D

  9. Thank you for everything. I love your "pfirsichhaut".



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