Dienstag, 29. März 2016


Als wir auf dem Land ankamen, 
blieb ich gleich draußen und spazierte, spazierte 
an den Teichen entlang, spazierte im Wald, spazierte über Felder, 
mal in Begleitung, mal allein

As we arrived the countryside,
I stayed outside and walked, walked along the hamlets, 
walked into the woods, walked over fields, 
sometime in company, sometime alone

Ich genoss das feine Lüftchen und fast hätte ich mich auch 
noch wie das Pferd da drüben (links, mit den Hufen himmelwärts) 
vor Wonne auf dem Boden gewälzt.

I enjoyed the fine breeze and I woulda wallow on the ground 
for pure bliss like the horse over there (left with the hoofs skywards)

Abends haben die Jungs noch ein kleines Osterfeuer gemacht 
und der Mond ging orange über dem Teich auf. Am nächsten Morgen, 
Ostersonntag, regnete es. Ich spazierte mit J. gut beschirmt wieder los. 

At the evening the boys did a little Easter bonfire 
and the moon rise orange over the pond. At the next morning, 
Easter Day, it rained. Again, good protected, I walked with J..

Erfüllt fuhren wir heimwärts, (noch) zurück in den 
Löwenpalast. Maman kommt zum Essen und wir schlemmen
und zwischendurch machen wir eine Nilfahrt via TV.

Replete we drove homeward, (still) back to the Lionpalace. 
Maman comes for lunch and we feast and in between we do a little Nile cruise 
(via TV, together with Maggie, Peter and Mia)

Sometimes it feels like a self-talk, here... 
I miss the conservation with you  

See ya at Norma's with 'pink horse' (art challenge No. 192)?

Love, Ariane. Rose

3 Kommentare:

  1. Is that a deceased animal laying there? Do my eyes deceive me? Oh my gosh that is an interesting shot. This was a marvelous day and full of adventure. May your hoofs be skyward Ariane! N, x

    1. Dear Norma,
      it is a deceased fox laying in the bushes.
      My hoofs will be pink this weekend, maybe skyward ;-)
      Please count me in!
      x Ariane

  2. i know exactly what you mean, about the monologue and the doubts arising from it... when we look back upon blogland a good four years, the feeling was very different. the blog community thrived and grew. i've seen it crumple and i felt for it often, maybe ignoring it, hoping it wouldn't and today finding it has. ...

    i don't think what you do, what you show, what you feel and share; i do not think it is in vain. more than before we are writing (online) diaries, for our own sake, which it has been always. we write down history for those coming after us, they'll be thankful we did and we are happy that we do. personally i always feel the urge to write, apart from the sharing bit, i need to write. but the image is strong within me too. and so blogland worked (and works) perfectly to my own needs. and there's a window on the world that i've always liked, and i have met new friends, real life friends through blogland. i hadn't expected that and it is a big, big plus.

    i suspect people do not comment anymore, like i do not comment on the few thriving blogs i return to; blogs that are literature or art based and show excellent writing skills and these posts read like articles. i like the free content to be out there on the internet to grab, because it is so specific that i don't find it in magazines.

    it's like you said, we post here, and there and everywhere and i think we are searching for a way to bring it together whilest not losing our precious time too. i know i am. since i've entered instagram i feel exposed and i've yet to find my profile, and i wonder if it'll do it for me. we'll just have to wait and see. it's a wonderful play thing, and that's where it ends, i believe. as i told you as well, bee and i were thinking aloud on the subject and it is coming down to how it started: share content we wanna share, regardless of whether there is anyone out there reading, let alone commenting. i left writing in flemish to english to broaden my own horizon (the flemish have voyeuristic tendencies and never comment) and i needed more and i guess i got what was out there (and more) and now it feels we have reached saturation. maybe something else will come along, tying it all up in one bundle. let's see what happens.

    for now? ariane rose? PLEASE keep on writing your tiny, beautiful pearls (the fox image is just so, so beautiful, ariane. so tender). i will always be here to read slices of your life, because it keeps me in touch with your life's wonders. and i do this like i do with other tiny blogs. ours are the true gems, because we are so small, but honest, and true. true, mostly to ourselves, and that shows.

    wow, i've written a letter! where'd that come from? X n♥



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