Mittwoch, 16. März 2016

Seaport to seaport (by air)

Nach der Arbeit fahre ich mit der U-Bahn ans Wasser und
steige am Baumwall aus {Morgens, noch von Träumen begleitet,
blinzelte ich in den Sonnenaufgang:
bei dem hübschen Licht nehme ich heute
meine Kamera mit!}

After work I drive with the metro to the waterside and
get out at the station Baumwall {in the morning, still escorts
by dreams, I squinted against the sunrise:
with that pretty light I take
my camera with me!}

Ich flaniere über die zur Hälfte fertige, neue Flutschutzmauer,
welche zugleich die Promenade ist, die von der Architektin Zaha Hadid
entworfen wurde. Mit einem Kaffee auf die Hand setze ich mich
auf die Stufen mit Blick auf den Hafen, wie in einem Amphitheater:
Ich bin begeistert!

I stroll about the half finished, new protection against the flood,
which is a promenade, too, designed by Dame Zaha Hadid.
With a coffee to go I sit down on the stairs, with the view
 in direction of the harbour, like in an amphitheater:
I am delighted!

Ich kehre um

I turn round

und fahre weiter zum Eppendorfer Baum. 
Gerade fliegt ein Eisvogel pfeilschnell über's Wasser! 
(Übrigens: es ist der Eisenbach, der nördliche Teil. 
Die Burg liegt weiter südlich)

and drive on to the station Eppendorfer Baum. 
Right now a kingfisher flies like an arrow over the water! 
(btw: it's the Eisenbach, the nordic portion. 
The Castle is farther south)

Im Löwenpalast wartet ein Päckchen aus Helsinki/Finnland auf mich...

At the Lionspalace a parcel from Helsinki/Finland waits for me...

inside is a flower frog, a rake-ware
made by photographer Kreetta Järvenpää
(dear Kreetta: I love it!)

I put into it a french tulip, a branch of thyme,
 hoya and peach (from Lady Kate's garden)
and take a few photos with the
last light of the day.

"Hände waschen. Essen ist fertig!" 

"Wash your hands! Dinner's ready!"

So long!
Love, Ariane. Rose

PS: Do you wanna carry on with our art challenge?
Who wanna be our host?

5 Kommentare:

  1. this is about how to love your very own place in the sun : stand still, look around you and fully appreciate the small things, the people around you, and just be. powerful.

    your kingfisher photo is such a darling, what with the world mirrored upside down... a real rose image.

    as always, your posts have this delighted beginning, a faster moving crescendo and end in pure comfort. i am loving your posts. always.

    sure, we want to carry on. and sure, life has many demands. i'm in blog worry land again, feel like i should reinvent myself (which i won't), and i am happy to follow a lead. in a few weeks (months?) time i don't mind leading a theme. in other words: still frightfully busy (and have been sick. you know that drill...).

    never mind. lovely to find you here. n♥

  2. I would like to host Ariane! It would be with the theme PINK HORSES and I'm just in the middle of making it; will complete it today; and do a blog post about it later this evening. Could it be for this coming weekend? (the 26/27th March) Let me know! N, x

  3. Okay Rose, I just completed the entire blog post with the theme of PINK HORSE (no 's' as I couldn't find one) and my project with all of the photos, and an invite to sign up for the challenge. So it's ready and all I have to do is hit 'publish' and we're off to the races. My project is about a jockey. Talk soon, N, xo

    1. Thank you, dear Norma, for hosting our art challenge. PINK HORSE? Sounds funny :)
      I'd prefere the weekend after Easter, the first in April, the 2nd + 3rd. What do you think?
      And, a friend of you wanna play with us? Fine. Welcome!
      x Ariane. Rose

  4. I think that is a good idea to put it forward to April to give us time to play. I mean mine is done, but for others to sign up. I'm going to post my blog now, to give folk time to decide if they want IN. I'll invite others as well. N, x



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