Samstag, 12. November 2016

update: AC #200: WINTERSALON

At a brick eve, full moon is near, 
I have a nice cup of tea under naked ladies 
and browse through the catalog of gold smith Bettina Speckner

Her wonderful work let me think of a Lady
an ancestor of my family, on my mother's side

(and on my diploma thesis: 'Everything is One', 
photos of it at DC/AC #53 CONNECTION)

So, I run through the times in the here and now

to find the well
the encasing palm leaves
soft as feathers
where I sit
with other chicks
over the best ideas
as nowadays
to safe the world

pearls on a chaplet

{Happy birthday, dear 

Malina, my beautiful niece}
Wann kommst du mal wieder nach Hamburg? 
Du bist immer herzlich willkommen!

(more photos from the Elbphilharmonie Plaza on my Flickr)



For this week's Art Challenge
dear Stefanie Seltner is our host.
It's the unbelievable
No. 200
 of the AC (former Drawing Challenge DC)
and her theme is

Winter salon

I've painted with oil crayon on a 
matte of an old picture frame
this lady with a (wise) grey wig
(with no 'real face' for the imagination,
that it could be everyone...
it's all projection!)
wearing a black-golden lush dress
sitting under palm leaves
in a heart-warming atmosphere
dear friends!

I love 
our salon of the AC with such 
an inspiring, providing quality!
Please visit Stefanie Seltner
and find more of it

next: No. 201 at Veronica's
this weekend
(beginning with Friday, the 18th)
Saturday, the 19th + Sunday, the 20th
of November


On pic 7 and 11 is Tilda Swinton as Orlando, from the www.
Rose in pic 4 by Ritva Palander

7 Kommentare:

  1. Our own proper little grand salon. My point exactly. How I love your lady on black, so unexpected yet all the more inevitable, what with your strong imagination.

    Thank you for keeping us together. Thank you for your heartfelt comment over at mine's. Yes. It means alot you saw the truth in those images. ....
    Big smiles and a soft touch of (hand)palm-on-heart.


  2. And now you got me hooked on those beautiful pieces of Bettina Speckner. And on entering that green space, with all the whispering, laughter and glasses being raised. Nadine is right, you are keeping this crew together. Thank you for that ❤

  3. I love that lady Ariane, and love our collective winter salon. Look at your beautiful niece! And Tilda in the wonderful coif! I just saw her today, bald, as an ancient master in Dr Strange. Ha ha ha, such a wonderfully imaginative film. I'd love to host our next challenge, and think I'll call Sanctuary. It seems like that liminal time of the year right now where we all need a sanctuary. Whether home, room, studio, church, field, or forest. Let's find our sanctuary. :D

  4. It looks like a wonderful season for you.
    You fill our eyes with beauty and good thoughts.
    A charming painting for us all to consider.

  5. Hi Ariane, beautiful post. Thank you for your comment! I am trying to imagine a face for the woman you painted but after seeing te beautiful face of your niece i think the face is that, not other :) Have a nice week!

  6. There is Beauty in Everything, I see here. Wish I had more time now to enjoy your Post and to look closer, to look again and read yours words.
    Thank you. Lucia

  7. so wonderful wonderful, it´s a celebration of beauty, thank you for taking us to this salon, I love the spirit!
    x Stefanie



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