Montag, 14. November 2016

to the supermoon (and back)





no moon in sight (too misty) but naked ladies 're dancing in the night instead




14112016 (7:08h in the morning)
In this direction I watched the moon the last days
standing on the balcony of the Castle at evenings
Here, in the morning, the sun rises at the Eisenbach, too
(this time of the year)
(18:09h in the evening)
To find a point to overview the whole sky
I drive to the Elbphilharmonie to the harbour
together with my kids and Maman.

Here at the River Elbe on the plaza, above
we await the moon
but it snows! wind beats, it's coooold! sky is gloomy...
no supermoon in sight... but inside
as we float downstairs
snow turns to rain
and later I find the moon on Dr. Hofstadter's tee ;-)

And you? Did you watch la Luna supermoon?


Our host of this week's Art Challenge is Veronica Roth
Her theme is SANCTUARY
See ya!

Love, ArianeđŸŒč

3 Kommentare:

  1. lovely moon shots. it was cloudy here but her presence was felt. she was big and bright yesterday evening too

  2. magda was saying last night; "luckily ariane showed us the moon yesterday (13th), so we had at least thĂ t...". and she was right. we were, and we are lucky for your treats for us here, showing us the wonder-ful in between stages and it IS adventurous, gazing at that moon and all these people thinking alike. THANK YOU!!
    yes, onwards and forwards and we'll talk and meet again, in 2034; wasn't it? ;)))
    thxs for the hint on AC.

  3. Moon moon, your beautiful moon. Here it was covered with clouds and still missing tonight. Hmmm. xo



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