Samstag, 18. Februar 2017


I take the TROPICS into 
the Castle at the Eisenbach, because Winter is long and my feet are cold. 

Looking for green!

In my invite for this Art Challenge I've told you, 
that I wanna draw again. So I've drawn with pencil and liked it a lot!

Then I've added that green circle of clear film and transformed 
it into a telescope, because I am in awe for the researchers of yesteryears: 
all those plant hunters! and travelers in former days, especially 

the female researchers! 
great artists like Maria Sibylla Merian or woman writer like 
Ida Hahn-Hahn, who traveled in the early 18th or 19th century.

And even today there are brave women, 
who leave their comfort zone to live passion, freedom and love.
Like my dear friend Azalee, my sister of the River Nile, who is now
partner of a newly opened up gallery of art in Khartoum, Sudan. 
{Congrats, Dear!}

Wanna see more of TROPICS? 
Then, please travel to these artist:

UPDATE: and Pieterbie!

Thank you for playing!


No. 204 PILLOW

*No. 205 TROPICS
today, here at Rose

Carole Reid will be our host
at the first weekend of March.
Is there a host for the
next weekend?

Wish you a happy day!

Love, Ariane. Rose

15 Kommentare:

  1. your drawing is lovely Ariane.
    I find it fun to see it with the green circle, but had thought you colored that section.
    I also thought of women who traveled and studied plants: Marianne North.

    Thank you for being our host.

    1. Thank you, dear Tammie,
      I didn't know of Marianne North! What an amazing woman!
      It's never too late to learn :-)
      x Ariane

  2. Beautiful drawing and congratulations to all the brave women!!!! (that for me are not only the women who travels far away...all and each woman is a brave woman! In the old times and nowadays)

  3. me, too, I love those kind of plant drawings.
    And I am happy for you that you draw again - looks good on you:-)
    But my fav. are the bananas and the first pic, I have to admit.
    happy day to you, too
    x Stefanie

    1. Hihihi, the bananas turn yellow, visibly.
      Everyone needs some Dada!
      (You have your heating on?)
      x Ariane

  4. Thank you dearest friend.
    I love your drawings. They are full of longing. I like your bananas, too. Always mischievous you.
    And thank you for mentioning our gallery. Once overcome the doubts and fears, I am immersed in the new world, happy to be surrounded by art and artists. The only thing missing is you.. my heart.

    1. Mmeeeoow! ♥ One day I'll visit you in your gallery!
      Love, ArianeZ

  5. A wonderful post full of tropics. Not to forget the duck photo, great in it's black and white. - eric

  6. Congratulations to Azalee. She is one of the many brave women of today.
    Your bananas on the wall is perfectly tropical. And you're desire to draw more is going to take you places, Ariane!
    Have a great week. Thanks for hosting. xo

    1. Thank you dear Carole.
      The art challenges on this blog are always inspiring. I follow since the first day. Xoxo Azalee

  7. I really wish I could draw when I see your work here. Nadine's post brought me here and inspired me to participate. So I've posted for this AC on my blog. And now I will go and have a look at how the other participants have trie dto meet the challenge.

  8. Wonderful! That's the first thing I thought of...a sort of Dr Livingston in the jungle looking thru his telescope. I love the work of Marianne North (1830 to 1890). I love to be at Kew gardens in her gallery surrounded by her hundreds of paintings. How fabulous to be one of the first women travellers in those Victorian days. Thank you so much for hosting. :D

  9. i have simply NO idea where my comment slipped away to, unless ofcourse i wrote it offline and never sent it? how rude is that? but then again, i get another chance at coming, sweating in the tropics chez toi. now, i'm glad your circle of green seems to be working alright. i discover more and more sproutings of green every day. thank you for starting that up!

    when visiting kew gardens, i always slip inside Marianne North's impressive pavillion, where a timeline recounts her fantastic story of travelling in the early 19th century and her relation with kew (offering her work to the gardens after her death). look up marianne north, you will be surprised.

    and am still wanting to come see sybilla merian!!! when shall we settle that date? :-)))

    okay, will be back again later this weekend, for piggy (banks) galore... ;)))

    1. by the way? thank you for noticing the header colour coordinations going on when i post. you make me smile. and on the 50's feel of those parasols... completely intended. found it on the web too. fancy owning such fabric, and, and, and... ;))) X



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