Sonntag, 5. Februar 2017


We nestled in mother nature's bosom
(at Friday in the palm house)
  Bee and me

because life sometimes runs out-of-balance

one need a soft pillow
(all the more when ill)

(or simply on Sundays)

Stefanie Seltner is our host 
for this Art Challenge No. 204 
and her theme is PILLOW. 

Sorry, I am late... 
an ill daughter and life... oh, you know. 
I have drawn my PILLOWs with ink and colored them 
with oil pastels. For more PILLOWs, please go to 
Stefanie's cosy place. Thank you for hosting, Süße!
Wish you a cosy day!

Thank you for your visit ✨

Love, Ariane. Rose


*No. 204 PILLOW at Stefanie Seltner's
at the first weekend of February

Who is our host for No. 205?

8 Kommentare:

  1. nature pillows... ah! what a good idea to go look for some in the botanic gardens, even the cacti in your pictures look duvet soft. i hope all and everyone is well again, at yours. yes, sink away in those pillows...

    incidentally, a shame i didn't participate. i've been trying out a tempur cushion all last week, a real grand help for the old neck that is painful most mornings and is now just getting better by using a proper pillow...

    pillow talk, pillow talk

  2. your pillows are all so sweet
    drawn and photographed
    and enjoyed in nature

    I hope your daughter is feeling better.

  3. Wonderful series of pillows. Where would we be without them:) - eric

  4. Whoah the contrast between the prickly cactus and the delicate pillow is shocking to the senses! I hope your little one is feeling better and that you have a little time to have a pillow break. xo

  5. Hi again, Ariane. I'd like to host the weekend of March 4/5 with the theme will be "piggy bank". xo

  6. Hi Ariane, I liked your post. The diferent pillows. The huge fern from the first photo reminded me of New Zealand where one of my daughters lives (so it reminded me of my daughter) and the beautiful red hair of the girl reminded me of my other daughter (you know, she's a redhead) The cactus reminded me of my son (a strong, young hard-working man, hard on the outside and tender on the inside)
    I loved seeing the pillows drawn on the grass, beautiful picture for a nap in spring.
    PS: All of us, when children came to our father for a talking pillow that scared us)

  7. hello, my friend Carole Reid has told me about your fun casual art challenge and I would like to join in! can you add me to your list please Ariane?

  8. so many pillows--- and the green plants deja...
    I hope you and your loved ones are ok!
    x Stefanie



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