Dienstag, 16. Januar 2018


My dear friends have survived cancer blessedly. Together with my friend Azalee and her friend from Kartoum I've met a lovely woman, who will given half a year to live, maybe more, maybe less. And a friend died at Christmas and the memorial has been last Friday. Her wish? Celebrate life! LOVE! 

So I've brought in some fresh flowers and vegetables from the market, because this reminds me on her project with the cookbook by refugees, where I have been one of the photographer. 

Sometimes I put something on the shelve. Not very often anymore (since the fire here on the Castle at the Eisenbach I've learned to make short work), but it's quite difficult to reform bad behavior... ah, you know.

This photo by Sarah Moon was a commercial in France for the perfume LouLou at the Eighties. For me it is a reminiscent of the first taste of freedom: Summer, I had my first reflex camera and took some black and white photos at the Bretagne: the sea, big rocks and hydrangea high like trees, the open space, heaven! (the cries of the seagulls).

I've found this page from a magazine at ebay and the wooden, black frame here at the flea market. It fits! And I've sold something for my daughter last week for the first time. It feels good. More spirit, please!

Just what the exhibition of Alice Neel in the Deichtorhallen Hamburg has been to me. "Just do it! Who cares?", I can hear. Followed by happy laughter.

How you doing, dear friends?
Love, Ariane.Rose

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  1. that's powerful, wishes from the dying... [sigh]. i'm not in the best of moods, and so it feels like i'm fighting death for all the souls who are dying, knowing full well, we all die anyway. oh my dear lord. Ariane, i don't hardly want to say this... but i can't be but honest... this life, this brittle fight we are delivering... soft, soft, we must thread.

    i am loving, and respecting, your images so, and i realize how lucky i am to know you, to bump into you, to see you again, coming summer, to share time, story, laughter... so lucky am i.

    yes, yes, yes. happy laughter. i do miss you, enormously. X nadine♥

    1. and obviously, i meant,"we must tread". yet.
      "thread" too.
      like louise bourgeois; every inch of the way. x



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