Dienstag, 23. Januar 2018

The Garden of Isolde | Winter

I follow the dirt road along yet abandoned shacks and just before frozen fosses. To the right hand side, behind the field and the trees, there nestles another shack. It's Isolde's modest little house surrounded by her garden. The middle of the world. My heart jump for joy. Because of snowfall, I impromtu have taken a half day of vacation, catched my camera and driven to Isolde's garden. Well, "snow"... But, it's worth a try to photograph this place in Winter... here the last Winter.

The farmers leased a part of land parcel to people who wants to till the ground and allowed about 20 people to build little houses from wood (without water and energy). But after the City of Hamburg bought it from the farmers, the days are numbered and the people who had gardened pull down their shacks. 

I know this place for about 14 years now and this process lasts the last five years. Bevor my inner eye I still see the wooden little houses, coloured with soft green, yellow, dark red or white, see the blossoming gardens of the old, gardening Ladies from Russia between peas, runner beans and gladiolas, roses... Now, the birch trees and the blackberries overgrow all of it. All of it?

Noho! Not yet! Isolde's place, her space, is still free of them.
We shall have some tea in Springtime and will listen to the bird song.

As I spy the mirroring screen for a nice image, I hear a gaggle of geese. So I 'run' for a better view and see how they just start from the paddock. Some look like snow geese, with their pure white plumage. So beautiful. (Alas I haven't got a better pic, 'cause the way to this spot has been boggy, snowy and slippery*.)

But now, I have to reach the bus, which comes only once an hour. 

Back to work.

*Because of walking those kind of unpaved ways, I feel like after a marathon when I've sat in the bus (and still in the train). Next time I don't wear my high heels here! 

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I am afraid that my analogue photos from our living in the garden were destroyed by the fire in 2014. If somebody of you, my dear family and friends, have old photographs by me, especially of the Summer 2006, please contact me.

For now, bye-bye! Hope you are doing well.
Love, Ariane. Rose

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