Samstag, 29. Januar 2011


"At the first day each one pointed at his country. On the third or fourth day everybody showed at his continent. As of the fifth day we no longer pay attention to the continents. We saw only the Earth as a one, whole planet."

"A sparkling blue and white jewel,
a light delicate sky-blue sphere laced with slowly swirling veils of white.
It takes more than a moment to fully realize this is Earth...HOME."

Reports of Space Explorers.

Das Thema der Woche heißt HOME.
Meinen herzlichen Dank an unsere 2. Gastgeberin Milady Stephanie.
Während der Beschäftigung mit dem Thema wurde mir klar, dass Gefühle wie Liebe, Schutz und Geborgenheit eine große Rolle spielen. Das hat mich tief gerührt.

The theme of the week is HOME.
My heartfelt thanks to our 2. host Milady Stephanie.
During the pursuit with this theme I realised that feelings like love, shelter and security loom large. That have affected me deeply.

Thank you!

12 Kommentare:

  1. Oh, this was clever! A lovely and true thought! Our common home. Perfect drawings. Thanks.

  2. Ahh yes! How lovely. There was a little children's show way back when that had a catchy little tune "the world's a big blue marble if you look at it from here..." the show was very 70's and full of peace and love and teaching children to think of everyone as a brother and sister on planet earth.
    I heard that tune in my head upon seeing your home.
    xo stephanie

  3. Kära Elisabeth,
    tack så mycket. Your drawings are perfect!

    Liebe Claudia,
    danke - und, wie sieht es nun mit Dir aus?

    Dear Stephanie,
    good morning,
    and thank you. Yes, that's the idea: brother and sister at home on planet earth, love and peace. You've heard the right tune, sister.

  4. My post is finally up! come over to my house :)

  5. Yes, this is the ultimate interpretation of home (and I wonder now why it didn't even cross my mind). It made me think of the cover of a book I was given at church when I was little. Love the shading of the ocean; and I see a smile. Poor planet of ours.
    Thank you, Ariane.
    Lovely weekend.

  6. Ariane you got it just right! youve managed to evoke a feeling of gladness and affection for a WHOLE PLANET!!! I want to give earth a big hug for being earth. Simple in execution really rich in concept. Nice one!

  7. Ariane,

    I saw your post earlier this morning and it really touched me ... all the problems and divisions in the world, when in the end we are all on the one planet which is our 'home' ... you think we could all live in peace and be kind to each other.

  8. Kjaere Lilli,
    thank you, sweetheart.
    I dreamt that I try to take a picture with my cellphone. I hold the phone close to my eye...couldn't saw something. Than I thougt in the dream: "I have to look from far of, then I'll see clearer."

    Dear Helen,
    thank you. You're working as a Visual Communication Designer? Employed or free? or both...

    Dear MMMC,
    first of all: My heartfelt sympathy because of horsey. Let me know, if a new one would helps...?
    Sometimes when I see astronauts hover in the universe for me they look like embryo in a womb. What a huge ultrasonic!

  9. I would like to join your community! my friend Norma gave me your link. I am german also, have cousins there.



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