Samstag, 10. September 2011

Drawing challenge #31: 9/11

I've taken a black day, put on wounds and covered them with dust of cement.

It  has changed the world... and my view on it.

Did you ever see the documentary film '9/11' of the french brothers Jules and Gedeon Naudet and FDNY firefighter James Hanlon?

Maybe some pictures and sounds I never forget in my live without freezing the blood in my veins...

In remberance of all victims of terror, hate and delusion.

I don't believe in 'time health all wounds' - but as Mahatma Gandhi said: 

An eye for an eye - and the world would be blind.

There are many others of this week's drawing challenge who are touched... take a look at lovely Jasmin's house, please.

*No. 31 '9/11' Jasmin 10. + 11.09.2011

No. 32 'SHIP' Elisabeth 17. + 18.09.2011
No. 33 '?' Rachel 24. + 25.09.2011

Who is next??

11 Kommentare:

  1. I know the documentary
    and the picture
    of the falling man
    yours looks like a dancing couple

    9/11 did change the world
    and our view
    but still
    I do not want be scared
    let us stay open minded
    remember 9/11
    remember it all
    let there be love


  2. you're so right Ariane, Gandhi's quote says it all and let there be love indeed and hope.
    your red curtain photo is beautiful, simple but very symbolic, xx

  3. Dear Patrice,
    I saw couples holding hands during the long, long fall... is it hopelessness? or is this hope?

    I dont't want be scared, too. And I'm more mindful.

    You're right... let there be love.

    Dear Renilde,
    yes, love is the answer.

    I've taken red paper on black paper with clouds of small crumbs of cement... but I've photographed it in a blurry way.
    Red curtain... a good idea.


  4. another first, i didn't know of these french brothers. thank you for bringing that to mind. and neither had i heard gandhi's quote. such power. the power of standing after the fall...
    i am in awe for how you have tackled the subject. so many layers. the effect of red on black is very touching.

  5. Dear Ariane.
    Such beautiful, touching images here.
    We are on the same wavelength too.
    For me, the images of people jumping from those buildings broke my heart.
    Thank you for your thoughts this week.
    Thinking of you.

  6. dear,
    how well captured, how good those words are.
    and i enjoyed the details on your way home!

  7. Dear Nadine,
    ... 'the power of standing after the fall'... steering towards life and love.
    I've began with white outlines of the twin towers drawn with cement on black paper... but the red symbols fits more. Red is really a strong colour. x

    Dear Jasmin,
    thank you for your brave heart to be our host this week with such an big theme. - My eyes well up with tears.
    Thinking of you. x

    Dear Sara-Pirouette (I love your name from Carmel!),
    you world and human loving globetrotter,
    those words are good. in the true sense of the word. x

    Love to you,

  8. images branded into my mind and soul.
    i have a story to share about the day too.
    perhaps tomorrow.
    petals falling in order to rise strong once again.

  9. A beautiful post. I love all your pictures. The towers and their alikes. The falling man (interesting how you and Jasmin had the same picture in your heads!). I have no more words. You said it all.

    Love. Elisabeth

  10. What a beautiful and poignant memorial.
    The words of Gandhi, I'll remember them.

  11. Finally I presented a theme for this Sunday/this weekend. I hope you'll find it inspiring...




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