Samstag, 24. September 2011

Drawing challenge: BIKE

With music from Arcade Fire in her ears, the wind on her face and memories of her (sometimes rude) may in Williamscastle/Hamburg in her mind
the Queen of the Castle at the Eisenbach cycles as fast as she can. 
The landscape whizzes past on her... 
what a fantastic thrill of speed!

Free the mind.

Abruptly stop she's seen in Copenhagen in summertime... get off lightly.

Sometimes its better to ease up and shift down a gear (now with a slowly musical piece in the ears)... enjoying the landscape...

to enjoy beeing with the Prince and Princesses...

and having a good gas with friends coming with rich booty from the market at the viaduct.

This week's drawing challenge is hosted by lovely moving Rachel
So please, cycle to her Hi Happy Panda to have look at special bikes all over the world.

No. 33 'Bike' Rachel 24. + 25.09.2011 

No. 34 'Breakfast' Patrice 01.+02.10.2011

Who is next?? 

16 Kommentare:

  1. dear Ariane
    me too with dahlia's
    in my basket
    in front!!

    happy cycling!
    but be careful
    not too fast


  2. Wonderful dahlias,
    dear Patrice.
    And, sure, not too fast...


  3. what a beautiful drawing... i mean there is speed there. i love it!!!

  4. loving your bike rides.
    freedom and air in our lungs.
    enjoy many more trips like that.

  5. I love the landscape you see, and what great companions!
    The spinning doily, Arcade Fire ( great song!), and the dahlias, ahhhh.
    Your painting is wonderful! So much movement. It reminds me of the first photo on my post. Great perspective!
    Fun riding with you, Ariane!

  6. and how fantastic too, the speed is captured in your drawing. i keep coming back to it, because it actually expresses how i feel on my bike sometimes... scaredy speedy too, from time to time...
    i have to smile at your improvisionist wheels!
    and more dahlias.
    it's official! today is dahlia day!

  7. if it is ok with you all
    I would like to be your host next week

  8. Dear Demie,
    thank you. A speedy ride is like flying...

    you know that, dear Sara, don't you? This feeling of freedom... I'll enjoy much of those rides with my new bike!

    Dear Rachel,
    taking a picture with this perspective is sometimes near to an accident... all the more with a single-lens reflex camera! Love your photo(s)!

    Yeah, its a dahlia day today! I'll come to your place soon.

    Thank you, Hermine.

    Dear Patrice,
    this will be wonderful! May I get to know the theme swiftly? (I'm out next weekend, so I want to allot time)

    Sunny weekend for you all,

  9. IchmagdeineBilderIchmagdeineBilderIchmagdeineBilder! ABER: hast du wirklich die Kamera hingehalten als sie hingefallen ist? :D Hach, Fahrräder sind toll... Macht jede Stadt schöner. Guckst du hier:

  10. Danke sehr, Patrice!

    Haha, liebste Dani,
    nahein, nur, ich habe mich fast mit meinem neuen Fahrrad hingelegt, als ich mit der schweren SpiegelreflexKamera vorm Auge gefahren bin und nach unten guckte...
    Toll, Deine Fahrradbilder aus Amsterdam.
    Bis morgen,

  11. I left a message here Dear Ariane - but it seems to have not made it ....

  12. Oh, what a pity... and nice to see you now.
    x Ariane

  13. After a busy weekend i finally have the time to visit all these wonderful bike challenges; much has already been said and me too i love your drawing, the action in it, the breeze, very smart.
    That smaller bridge photo caught my eye especially, beautiful picture Ariane! xx

  14. Love all in that drawing, the colors and the effect of the speed!
    Beautiful pictures too dear Ariane!



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