Samstag, 17. September 2011

Drawing challenge: SHIP

Whitout sails 
we better not let the pirat ship of the Prince of the Castle at the Eisenbach into the water.

So his twinsister, the Princess of the Castle at the Eisenbach, begins to fold some
ships out of paper:

Then we go to the pond in the park.

Some of the ships are swimming!...

... and some ships dip in the water very fast.

Here you can see an much bigger ship (sorry, its only in German but it speaks for itself)...

Suddenly we hear loud giggling:
Ah, look, some little fairies in search of chestnuts and acorns... oh, and we see the youngest Princess of the Castle at the Eisenbach on a birthday party of her dear friend.

And the ships still swim. Can you find them near the reeds?

For more 'ships', please sail to Sweden.
This week's drawing challenge is hosted by initiator herself wonderful creative
Elisabeth of textilspanieln.

No. 32 'SHIP' Elisabeth 17. + 18.09.2011

No. 33 'Bike' Rachel 24. + 25.09.2011

Who is next??

9 Kommentare:

  1. dear Ariane,

    what a great story!
    I love the little boats
    sailing in the water
    you are a true storyteller
    as always

  2. What a lovely set of photos, love the story to it too :)

  3. We have that Playmobil ship. I'm always finding gold bullion and pirates hats and monkeys lying all over the floor.

    Clever twin sister making her own paper ships.

    Do you roast the chestnuts?

  4. I felt how much I wanted to be part of the story. Lego, origami and a party in the nature. Could a day be sweeter? Your children are a lucky bunch. Lovely ships Ariane, and a lovely day!


  5. a little fairy tale, as usual...
    such fun, to go dipping the boats in the water...
    Eisenbach will never ever only just sound like Esenbach, without being reminded of your imagination...

  6. what fun! i've made that little paper boat but never set it out to sea. I'm impressed.
    i'm thinking of a theme...check in with me tomorrow...

    i loved this week's theme!

  7. Dear Ariane, yes we had the same idea, i'm happy to see these folded ships in the water still make children dream and play, somethings keep their magic forever. Another warm Eisenbach tale, beautiful!! xx

  8. dear ariane
    makes me think of those lanterns that they have in thailand, with little candles inside of them.
    i have a pirate ship that my big loved has drawn in a medallion around my neck sometimes *those that you can open and put pictures inside*

    sail away!

  9. Thank you for your nice comments,
    dearest Ladies!
    I was in a hurry (it was thursday when I got to know the theme of the week... a short time for going pregnant with a theme for me) and... it calmed me down making the paper-ships together with my kids. Wonderful.

    And, dear Carmel,
    this chestnuts I won't roast - I'll need Sweet chestnut to roast, yummy! Thank you for the hint. And sometimes I wanna roast the golden cannon balls...

    Dear Elisabeth, you was part of the story... see above.

    Love to you all.



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