Samstag, 19. November 2011

Drawing challenge: LUCKY BIRD


Schon vor langer, langer Zeit, 
nämlich in den Jahren 1142 bis 1300,  waren die Bewohner im Urstromtal der Elbe wahre Glückspilze, dass niederländische Siedler kamen und ihnen zeigten, wie man Land eindeicht und entwässert - und es entstanden die Vierlande. 
Heute ist es neben dem Alten Land 
ein großes Anbaugebiet für Obst, Gemüse und Blumen.

Auch für Maiglöckchen.

Earlier than today, 
namely in the years 1142 to 1300, the inhabiters in the glacial valley of river Elbe were real lucky birds cause Dutch settlers came and showed them how to dike and drain land - and so resulting the Vierlande.
Today its by the Alten Land a big area of cultivation from fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Even for Lily of the valley.

Vor hundert Jahren 
war es in Hamburg und anderswo üblich, dass man Sträusschen von Maiglöckchen zu Weihnachten und Silvester als Glücksbringer verschenkte. 

Nur... diese Blume blüht eigentlich erst im späten Frühling... 

One hundred years ago 
in Hamburg and otherwhere it was commonly used to give small bouquets of Lily of the valley as a lucky charm at Christmas and Silvester.

Save that... as a manner of fact that these flowers' blossom is in late springtime...

 Also wurden die Pflanzen erstmal im Herbst ausgebuddelt und nach Blühkeimen untersucht. 

Anyway the plants were dig up in autumn and researched for germs of blossoms.

 Das habe ich mit meinen Maiglöckchen vom Balkon der Burg am Eisenbach auch gemacht. Diese Blühkeime habe ich neben den Erbsen tiefgefroren und so einen frostigen Winter vorgespielt.

Thats I've done to my Lily of the valley from the balcony of the Castle at the Eisenbach. Those germs of blossoms I've deep-frozen next to peas and simulated a frosty winter.

 Dann habe ich sie wieder aufgetaut, eingepflanzt und werde sie nun bei sehr warmen Temperaturen unter einer Glasglocke zum Treiben angeregen, auf dass sie zu Weihnachten erblühen. 

Wenn es gelingt, bin ich ein wahrer Glückspilz!

Than I've defrosted and implanted them and will promt them to sprout shoots with high temperatures under a glas globe, so that they'll bloom at Christmas time.

If so, I would be a real lucky bird!


For this week's drawing challenge dear Patrice from the Netherlands is our host with... Lucky bird.

I've chosen water colour for this theme because luck is etheral... but sometimes an empty cup is only a sign for early abundance.
*1 from 'Das große Buch der Volkstrachten' (Big book from folk costume)
by Albert Kretschmer, 1977
*2 Background image of cellphone by my oldest Princess

I'm already a real lucky bird, a 'geluksvogel', because including a few wonderful artists found together and create fabulous art week after week...  Please fly to Patrice's place to find much more of them.

*No. 40 'Lucky bird' Patrice 19.+20.11.2011

Who is next? - If I heard her right, its 'CURVE' of woolfy Nadine this weekend!


14 Kommentare:

  1. i like your lucky bird story. a lot.
    i`ll try to do the same next year to see if i`m a lucky bird as well : )

    i didnt know you have been so productive!
    i have only joint you at the end
    -and i am not reallly an artist more like a wannabe one ; )

  2. liebe Ariane,

    you are a true storyteller
    never knew that about the Lily of the Valley
    and we are connected
    not only by art but also by the Dutch settlers!
    I like that
    a nice drawing too!

    I am a lucky bird because I met you all


  3. Oh how very interesting Ariane, i didn't kow all that, i always love how you illustrate your stories.
    I wish your lilly of the valley flowers as beautiful as in your drawing this winter.

    And me too i'm a lucky bird to have met you,it is each time such a pleasure to take part and look at everyones posts.
    We are a real flock of lucky birds. xx

  4. Dear Demie,
    as Joseph Beuys said: Everyone is an artist.

    And you can have a happy charm on the 4th of December, at St. Barbara, too: please cut some branches of apple- or cherry tree at these day and put it in a glas of water. Place it on the windowsill in your kitchen and ... wait. With luck at Chrismastime there will be some blossoms, you lucky bird!

    Liebe Patrice,
    with this story you was on my mind, my dear Dutch lady!
    I'm a lucky bird, too, because I met you... all.


  5. Dear Renilde,
    thank you... I'll keep you informed because of the Lily of the valley...
    and yes, isn't it wonderful our flock of lucky birds?
    I warble with happiness!


  6. Dear Ariane,

    beautiful story and beautiful art work, xx

  7. Hello my queen!
    you amaze me, truly! your thoughtful ingenious connections to the "challenge" always are so original, so informative, historical , whimsical, beautiful and thought provoking.
    YOur "dream is listed on my etsy and is well on its way to your door.
    please let me know when it arrives.
    Please come over to the art farm! i've launched some of my jewels and am offering a giveaway!
    they are selling as fast as i post them on etsy!
    hurry! hurry!
    xo milady

  8. I, too, love the lessons in history. Lilies of the valley are among my favorites. In California we pay a pretty penny for them.. They are primarily used in bridal bouquets. I might faint if I saw a field of them!
    This has been a week of sickness in my house. We are finally on the mend but I will be late with my lucky bird post.

  9. liebste ariane, ich liebe maiglöckchen, kindheitsduft. und du machst wieder etwas ganz besonderes daraus, lass uns unbedingt wissen ob sie zu weihnachten rauskommen um mir euch zu feiern! herzensgruss, julia

  10. die kurve kriegen. von glücksvogel zu maiglöckchen. eine königsdisziplin. man könnte auch sagen kunst. hab mich sehr darüber gefreut. auch darüber was in königlichen frosttruhen so neben tk-erbsen verwahrt wird. das winter gemacht wird. und wiederum sollen sich in königlichen gemächern - wie ich aus erzählungen weiß - einzelne erbsen unter matratzentürmen versteckt halten. da soll man jetzt noch durchblicken?

    wünsch dir glück. immerzu!

  11. lily of the valley!
    sounds so romantic...
    and they smell so good.

    love to you dear ariane

  12. eine wunderbare glückspilz-geschichte. ich drücke ganz heftig die daumen! leider bin ich zur zeit zu oft unterwegs, um die drawing-challenge mitmachen zu können. ich hoffe, es wird bald ruhiger...
    viele herzliche grüße von mano

  13. Thank you,
    my lovelies,
    for your comments!

    Dear Hagar, I feel honored!

    Dear Milady, I'm dreaming of the beautiful dream! Can't wait...

    Dear Rachel,
    I hope you're kids feeling well again and didn't infected you.

    And to you Ladies from the US and your dear families: All the best for tomorrow's Thanks Giving .

    Liebste Julia,
    ich halte euch wegen der Maiglöckchen auf dem Laufenden, of course! Ich hoffe sehr auf Maiglöckchenduft zum Fest.

    'Die Kurve kriegen'
    Liebste Tatjana, das neue Thema der Woche ist Kurve...

    Dear Sara,
    love to you
    with perfume of lilies of the valley.

    Liebe Mano,
    na, in den nächsten Wochen wird es wohl eher nicht ruhiger, oder?
    Liebste Grüße,


  14. woolfy wishes you all the best of luck with this little treasure! what a mighty impressive idea!! never before have i heard anything more magical... will you show us the follow up, of course you will...?



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