Mittwoch, 30. November 2011


It's been a sunny day... and cold.

 As the Queen has arrived home, she's seen an angel, heart-warming:

Despite the very long flight from Ridgway in the mountains of Colorado over the ocean to Hamburg at the River Elbe he seemed very joyful.
Ah, look, another angel... and what a beautiful  Dream  comes true!

Milady's 'Slumberland' aka Queen's Dream comes true! Printed on Canvas by dearest
Milady Stephanie.

 First I saw a part of her painting  at our weekly Drawing challenge
with theme 'DREAM' last May.

I asked for it, I've bought it and now I press it to my breast.
Thank you very, very much my deer... dear.

5 Kommentare:

  1. you lucky bird!

    it is beautiful
    and fits you so well


  2. Stephanie makes wonderful art, enjoy! :) x

  3. very pretty your christmas curve down here!
    and yes,
    we have entered december...
    man?! how did it happen!!?
    i am happy though, and feel like embracing the winter. even with its viruses and stuff, oh oh oh!


  4. Dear Patrice,
    you're right!
    And: you're very excited because of the visit of your brother and Sinterklaas, aren't you?

    Dear Renilde,
    I'll enjoy it! - See you at weekend with VACATION.x

    Dear Sara,
    some of the viruses has arrived... but we drink a lot of hot tea... it works.


  5. I am so happy you are happy :)
    xo milady



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