Samstag, 17. Dezember 2011

Drawing challenge: HAT

Hinter Zweigen von Lärchen entdeckt sie einen Hut.

Behind branches of Larches she discovers a hat.

Its a magical hat.


 As she put on this hat, she sees angels dancing in heaven!

 One of the angels lost her hat while they dance together...

Maybe one day you'll find a small 'Fingerhut' (german word for 'thimble') ...

 This week's drawing challenge with theme HAT is hosted by
sweet, well protected Greta the adventurer,
daughter of Rachel.
At her last post 'What we did' at Hi Happy Panda, she's using a thimble, a hat for the finger to protect them during sewing.

Of course, you'll find at here place much more beautiful hats!

No. 44 Greta with 'HAT' at the 17.+18.12.2011

No. 45 Ariane with 'Teatime' 14.+15.01.2012

who is next?

10 Kommentare:

  1. a magical hat and a time machine....
    that would be quite something.
    dear ariane
    wish you peaceful days before christmas.
    with plenty of gluhwein!

  2. first, what a great HAT!!!

    I like your story
    and you are so clever
    the tumble of Rachel!
    you made a wonderful drawing
    real castle of the Eisenbach-like


    wishing you a happy fourth advent tomorrow

  3. Dear Sara,
    yes, that would be quite a lot!
    I wish you peaceful days before Christmas, too.
    Are you soon on the way to Sweden?

    Dear Patrice,
    the hat I purchased in Prague 20 years ago. I looked through the windows of an atelier of hatter and saw this one. Inside the ladies told me, they are making the hats only for the Opera. My companion was a charming guy... maybe thats why on the cheap I got it.

    Now I wanna put on that hat and come to yours.


  4. A magical hat and dancing angels,an image that fits this time of the year, i let you know when i find that timble ;) happy post Ariane, my eyes danced across the page, happy sunday to you, x

  5. dieser prager hut ist einfach zu schön - was für ein glück, dass gerade DU ihn bekommen hast! deine zauberhafte kleine engel-geschichte hat mich zum lächeln gebracht, ich hoffe, ich finde den hübschen fingerhut...
    viele liebe grüße, mano

  6. Beautiful! What a wonderfully magical post..gorgeous photos and beautiful art!

  7. of course! a romantic, colourful thimble would fit a fairy's head to a tee! and really from your grown up hat to the fairy's story is but a springy loop away. always room for fun and dreamy imagination, over at yours, ...
    yes! do not miss johnny this season and thank you for your heavenly compliments, i take them to heart. and soul.
    you have made me curious about your imminent posts!!!

  8. magical post, all those perfect colors make me smile, the angels makes me feel in peace, everything in your post it's amazing, love your art!

    Merry Christmas and Happy 2012!

  9. thimbles are little finger hats, aren't they? they do their job well and look adorable at the same time.
    your dancing angels wear them well and look like they are having a good time. i have naked angels dancing around my living room sometimes. mostly to disco music.

    your thimble hats are terrific and beautifully painted.

    I would be happy to follow Elisabeth in a few weeks with a new theme...



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