Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2011

Ever so much

Fir@work (unfinished)

 Christmas party with gingerbread houses at the schoolclass of the oldest Princess.

Cinema: Jane Eyre

 To the next Christmas party with children-baked delicious cookies...

...nativity play and touching dance with light of the schoolclass from the youngest Princess.

Another big party will follow at friday eve... night!

Do you know why I've chosen 'RUSH' for this week's drawing challenge...?

I count in 
Demie (its her son's birthday, so maybe),
Julia, Patrice (manages a pile of work), Renilde, Nadine, Rachel
Jasmin (will try to RUSH over this weekend...) and hurrying Mano 
til now.

What about you? If you have a minute...?

4 Kommentare:

  1. 'Rush' seems to be the appropriate theme :) i hope the oldest princess had a great time and you will have lots of fun tomorrow eve.x

  2. ich bin so in eile, dass ich mein "I'm in" eben gerade in deinem post vom 4.dez angekündigt habe... lg, mano

  3. schnuppere hier etwas weihnachtsstimmung und wandel weiter durch zeit und raum...

    grüß dich g(l)anz herzlich(s)t,

  4. Such a warm, Christmassy feeling in this post! I adore those gingerbread houses; I have yet to make one for the holidays... I hope I'll manage to make as pretty ones as these are! :)



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