Sonntag, 9. September 2012


... Like the very first moment 
when the plane lift off and I am pressed into the seat
when the cinema hall dimmes and the grand drape opens
Like the very first moment of the view on an area of water... 
and then, when I do my first swimming stroke
 I am somewhere else.

In my life I swum closet in a bath at night
Jumped off a wooden plank in icy water of a mountain lake (and risked a cardiac arrest)

And I bathed in the nude of a Monkpond...

water lilies before my eyes
cool sea-green chuckles at my tummy
climbers on the legs 
love in the air

Pastel drawing from vague recollection.
Rachel is our pool supervisor with the refreshing theme SWIM.
Please take a look at more swimmers by her waterside.

Who is our next host?

10 Kommentare:

  1. i like that Ariane, forget about everything,grab that dream and live it from head to toe, and yes your pastel shows 'you're somewhere else', somewhere heavenly

    but bathing in a Monkpond!? o my imagination ;) x

  2. it's lovely how you put it like, 'i am somewhere else'. it is a powerful sentiment, being able to feel somewhere else. it is the imagination popping to life for just a few flimsy seconds, and it is deep... you make me long for water, honey...

  3. you sure love the water
    your words bring me to magical places
    water lilies
    and nude in a Monk-pond

    Patrice A.

  4. Lovely, dear Ariane. Everything looks and sounds so dreamy and almost like a fairytale. I love the pastel drawing, it's so delicate.

  5. I have swum in a green lake ( made of smelted ice ) in the middle of a green forest. I felt like a nymph ( unfortunatelly R tok photos and I looked mostly like ...well not a nymph in any case ) but I know what you mean "I am somewhere alse"

    It seems to me we both love the water

    Are those your watercolours? They look so dreamy : )

  6. so sanftes, weiches wasser - bildschön wie die seerosen!
    viele grüße, mano

  7. Ganz zauberhaft wie du einen in eine märchenhafte Welt verführst - und die Seerosen kommen mir doch sehr bekannt vor ;)
    xo Barbara
    P.S. Als Jugendliche bin ich mal im Mittenwald in einem türkisgrünen See geschwommen, das war der Wahnsinn und deine Bilder erinnern mich daran!

  8. Ariane, your pastel drawing really does capture the idea of vague memories.
    Your words are so beautifully written. Love in the air gives me goosebumps!
    Happy week to you. xo Carole

  9. So soft and delicate
    this watery green memory, Ariane -
    apt portrayal
    of vague recollection
    of an enchanted time. -sus

  10. Ariane you pastel painting captures a moment of feeling. To me it is bliss and a calming feeling. I like the calm colors of this. I have never drawn anything based on memory. I'd like to try it some time. And I have never swum in the nude. Not yet anyway...
    Talk soon, Norma, xo



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