Sonntag, 25. November 2012

dc Little Red Riding Hood


 One of these days even I will tell both of my (red haired) daughters, "My dear daughter, my dear daughter, keep on the straight way, doesn't matter if in the woods or in urban jungle... be attentive of a hungry wolf!"...





 One of these days I will tell my son, " My dear son, be attentive of little Red Riding Hood!"...


This fairy tale is written down by the Grimm Brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm. The younger brother Ludwig Emil (*2) was a painter in the earliest European artist colony in Hesse, Germany. Later the German painter Otto Ubbelohde lives there, too, and illustrated this fairy (*1) which is orininally from France. Interesting is that the costume of the Schwalm in Hesse for the girls is with a little red hat. This tale could be work as an initiation for young girls when the time comes for their menarge.

 Our host for this week's dc is dear Patrice with, you know it already, no?
 'Little Red Riding Hood'.
As a child reading this fairy tale I felt compassion with both, Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf. I've made this drawing by pencil, red ink and lipstick.

For more Reds please visit dear Patrice's marvellous place. Wish you a happy sunday!

*4 Woolfy Red Riding Hood, felt poppy by Daniela Maniva Melo


 No. 83 Habit

Now: No. 84 Patrice with 'Little Red Riding Hood' at the 24th + 25th of November

No. 85 Elisabeth from 'garnapa' (formerly known as 'textilspanieln', she is the initiator of this drawing challenge in January 2011) Her theme is 'State Of Mind' at this weekend.

No. 86 woolfy Nadeschda at the 8th + 9th of December


17 Kommentare:

  1. Dear Ariane,
    I'm so happy to be back home so I have a better chance in returning to all these wonderful blogs. Visiting your place always feels like walking through an artistic wonderland. You are so talented, and so inspiring!

    I hope you will have a lovely Sunday! Ours is a bit grey as daylight is getting shorter and shorter. But lets keep our minds focused on fairytales, it helps!

    Love, Anna V.

  2. Liebste Ariane, was für ein Feuerwerk an Bildern, Inspiration und Kunstwerken. Ich bin ganz verliebt in den Wolf im 2. Bild und natürlich das Püppchen, die Intimität in deiner Zeichnung finde ich ganz besonders!
    Dicke Umarmung Barbara

  3. lipstick???
    you're a girl of my own heart...
    you bet you, they both needed comfort, red riding hood ànd wolf. i hated he got shot, time and again...
    yet, then again, that fairytale has got NOTHING to do with today tinyWOOLF!

  4. dear a,
    beautiful associations, again
    talking about the little red riding hood, what has happened to lilli? our norwegian flower with her little red riding hood? do you know?

    love and hugs

    1. Dear Sara,
      sorry, I don't know whats about the sweet norwegian flower... she didn't answered my email.

      Love and hugs, A.

  5. :) You make me smile, with those wise words to your children. I definitely think there's a reason to warn the kids about Little Red Riding Hood nowadays. I believe she has matured into a much more clever girl than the tiny being who got fooled by the wolf in the olden times. The wolf and the girl should be seen as equals! :)

    And your illustrations are wonderful.

  6. hello sweet mother!
    those wise words
    both for your girls and son
    and the different associations
    and lipstick!

    thank you!
    Patrice A.

  7. So sweet and I especially relate to the warning for your son to beware the little red riding hoods out there - the story goes both ways no?! (One can't help but sympathize with both)

  8. kristin said it all;)))
    love your view my dear friend, love, julia

  9. i'd love to risk walking through that blue forest
    with or without a cape )
    and i so empathize with the mother-need to keep them safe from both!

  10. i have a weak spot for pop-up books and yours looks marvelous
    i have a weak spot for men with mysterious eyes and wild hair, Ludwig Emil seems to have both
    your wood photo is sooo right for tis tale
    your words and lipstick, oh Ariane i enjoyed being here, xx

  11. There is a lesson in the fairytale directed at young women. Its really interesting the story and the connections to folk lore. Great post and Im in awe of you to use your Dior lipstick for artisitc purposes but the effect is very lovely.
    Great post Ariane

    Have a good week

    Helen :)

  12. I agree with Helen, the use of lipstick - what an appropriate material for this particular theme. (The Urban Jungle with its Urban Wolves, yes - be careful, Daughters). xxoo, sus

  13. Beautifully drawn and cleverly painted!
    I always appreciate the bit of history and perspective you add to your art.
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Ich finde ja die Fotos von der nächtlichen Stadt mittendrin ganz toll, eine moderne Rotkäppchenstimmung.
    Lippenstift, wow, das ist ja mal was.
    x Stefanie

  15. Ariane dear!! I could hardly believe my eyes when I came across the felt Red Riding Hood character! I am late for this challenge but did felt characters for it!! Serendipity it feels like. Well I like your advice to your two daughters and feel like I need to take it to heart for myself as well. One must keep on the lookout that is for sure. And yes, notice the friendly, nice wolves as well. There are many different kinds of wolves, as there are many different kinds of people. I absolutely adore that you used lipstick in your art. Love it!!! *smiles* Norma, x



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