Mittwoch, 7. November 2012

Hin und zurück

 ... und der Bus kommt nicht! 
Schnell zum anderen... am Eisenbach entlang.

... and the bus doesn't comes!
Quickly to the next... along the Eisenbach.

Wege sind nass und matschig. Laufe auf dem Fahrradweg.

Ways are wet and muddy. Walk on the bikeway.

Alkoholisches Kunstwerk - Alcoholic artwork

5er Bus, S31

Hammerbrook. Work.

 - und zurück. Einkaufen.

- and back. Shopping.

Kinder von der liebevollen Tagesmutter abholen.

Pick up the kiddos at the lovely in-home daycare provider.

  und in die Burg zurück.

and back to the Castle.

 Die Queen winkt heute nicht mehr... es ist schon zu dunkel.

The Queen doesn't waves anymore today... its too dark outside.

 Apropos: We have a host for the weekend's dc at the 17th and 18th of November... 
its dear Kristen!

And for the last one a big thank you
It has been a real pleasure to see your portrayals... Abbilder :)

10 Kommentare:

  1. hurry, hurry
    and than....
    peaceful gorgeous flowers in the castle
    bye queen, bye!


    Patrice A.

    my mini exhibition will be here
    a small but fine interior shop in my village
    starting 16 and 17 November
    I will show pictures!

  2. I like to travel in your pics ! lovely atmosphere , full of life !

  3. dear ariane, a lot of speed in your photos,
    like a fresh wind spinning me around,
    you seem like a busy bee aswell my dear,
    laughing and breathing too?


    1. Still laughing, dear Sara... and sometimes even breathing.
      I am happy thats weekend... move more slowly after Feldenkrais session today :)


  4. such speed I still remember the rushing around that combining motherhood with work and life brings and how despite their best efforts to help the menfolk never seem to reach that same level of speed in which we the mothers seem to operate under. Its why we are such great multitaskers and even though my little one is now a big one I still can multitask with voracious speed that surprises my husband in its complexity.

    Loved this photoessay of your day Ariane I felt the urgency, the risk of getting another bus, the relief of making it to work, the rushing to get back, fit in the shopping, the relief and joy of picking up the little ones and getting home, the little moment of reflection that the seasons had changed that the Queen wont wave for quite a while.

    Nice! Have a wonderful weekend

    Helen x

  5. dear you,

    shall I be the host after Kristen?
    dc number 84 on 24 - 25 of November

    have a nice weekend!
    Patrice A.

  6. oh, wie aufregend, bin mit geeilt - zum Glück ohne Matsch an den Stiefeln.
    Das hat mir gut gefallen, so viel Tempo!
    rasante Grüße

  7. coming home must be a true treat for you, ariane.
    i do love the sense of movement in your images.

  8. i like it when you take us on one of your journeys, dear Ariane )


  9. hello my dear!
    i am waving to the queen in the dark :)
    busy life portrayed with beauty.



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