Samstag, 23. Februar 2013

dc #94: GLASS

At that time in my early 20th as I pretend to be a grown-up...  
back then I worked as a tracer at a company which build structual works 
for producing hollow glas in China... I drew elevation plans of buildings, detailing drawings and for machine installation etc. ...

...and at finishing time my plotting table were placed horizontal and cups were filled... more often glasses... or we barbecued on the roof-top terrace.

In that year I bought my first reflex camera... 
(I have told you about her end at last week)... and exposed plenty of films... one year later I strived to a study of communication-design...
come to know the Blaue Reiter (the Blue Rider)... and besides Wassily Kandinsky the German expressionist painter Gabriele Münter and with her... the reverse glass painting.

This week's host of the dc is dear Susan with her theme glass. I create a reserve glass painting of a scene from Friday waterside.

... and of course... I own many glass ... for example:

And: For more glass of amazing artist around the world 
please take a look at Susan's colourful blog.






Now: No 94 Susan on 'GLASS' at 23rd + 24th of February

who is next?

I wish you a happy day!

17 Kommentare:

  1. happy day, too, dear Ariane!
    interesting your story, so nice to get to know you more and more.
    I love la lorraine!
    x Stefanie

  2. dear Ariane,
    and hello to the young you!
    you haven't changed much
    I still have a drawingtable like that
    in fact I have to work with it today
    I knew this theme would fit you like a glove
    but doesn't they all!
    you keep suprising me
    a lovely post
    full of light and soft sparkles
    thank you!

    Patrice A.

  3. Oh those days long ago when we thought we were grown up and had so much more growing to do! Beautiful glass. xo Carole

  4. Great story Ariane
    I love that look into the unknown in your eyes in the top pic. I worked for an architect too.... and some of the vases look exactly like ones that I have. Its lovely to see and read your story we have a lit of similar taste and commonality.

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Helen :)

  5. connecting past and present, time translucent like glass, some things a little vague, others like lighted, reflections,

    fun idea to try out an old technique,and not an easy one i suppose(have to try it once),
    and thanks of bringing Gabriele Münter back to my memory

    your photos always get me dreaming dear, x

    1. Dear Renilde,
      trying that old technique wasn't easy, for sure. I didn't use the right colour, oil would be the better choice... maybe next time.
      Besides Gabriele Münter do you know Marianne Werefkin? Even a great artist!

      Have a dreaming day
      x A.

  6. vor 20 jahren war ich das erstemal im gabriele münter-haus in murnau und war begeistert von den wunderschönen holzbemalungen und den hinterglasmalereien. sie sind wirklich fantastisch!
    dein jugendfoto ist es auch, ebenso deine beeindruckende glassammlung.
    liebe grüße, mano

  7. Hi Ariane, interesting story. You had barbecue on the terrace in the days of work?. that would be a fun way to break the routine right?
    nice to see your face, because you're usually behind a camera!

  8. Looking at the past though glass...
    glass is one of my favourite materials ( along with wood)

    sounds like an interesting youth to me Arianne : )

  9. All the pretty and colorful glass! I love your painting. I've have never tried this.
    And you in your early 20s. Such a great photo with your knowing and confident look.
    I just spent time catching up with you! Where have I been? Here, just not on my computer!

    I'm looking forward to next week's drawing challenge. I won't be so ambitious as to host, but will do my best to participate.

    Love from California,

  10. What a collection of glass images and rose colors, too. O thank you for sharing Gabriele MUnter's work; it is refreshing to have a new abstract expressionist to show my painters—especially a woman. Your (self_ Portrait at the start of this post is elegant!

  11. Ah, Ariane, you amaze me yet again with your stunning photos. I am interested to learn that you worked as a draftsman, which I have also done for many years. I must get my art history book out and revisit Gabriele Munter. happy week to you, dear Rose, sus

  12. ...die Steinmischung in der Wasserkanne nennt sich übrigens Balancemischung, u.a. Rosenquarz. Nein, der Rand stört mich gar nicht ;)
    Das Foto von Dir ganz oben ist so schön!
    x Stefanie

  13. Damals hast du aber noch streng aus der Wäsche geguckt - mir gefällst du jetzt besser.
    Deine Glassammlung ist überwältigend. Man, dass hätte ich eher wissen müssen, ich hätte da auch noch ein paar... na, egal.

  14. Dear Ariane! How nice it is to get a glimpse into your creative and beautiful past...of your creative spirit soaring into dynamic projects, to hear of drinking glasses with friends on a rooftop.
    Kandinsky is one of my favourite artists.
    Your collection of pink and purple glass vases is stunning!
    And, reverse glass painting is magic too. I have a book of Russian reverse glass painting of icons. It is pretty awesome.
    Well, this post was pregnant with beauty. I enjoyed it tons. Hugs, Norma, x

  15. reverse glass painting? i have not heard of it, can't imagine how it is done. intrigued i am.
    lovely to see you like this, in a different setting, in the past...

  16. Hinterglasmalerei klingt spannend. Ich mag ja Transparenz und durchscheinendes Licht.
    Und auch Deine Rückschau ist spannend...gucke immer so gern alte Bilder und atme den Geist der vergangenen Zeit!



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