Montag, 25. Februar 2013

Dottie Angel und mehr

Als die Königin von der Burg am Eisenbach 
nach Hause kam, konnte sie ein hübsch verschnürtes Paketchen öffnen... drei wunderschöne Notizbücher von 'Dottie Angel' sind angekommen!

Thank you, dear Tif!

As the Queen of the Castle at the Eisenbach 
came back home, she was able to open a pretty bundle... three beautiful notebooks
 by 'Dottie Angel' has arrived!

 Wegen meiner Überlegung habe ich nun eine Entscheidung getroffen... 

About my deliberation I come to a decision...

... nein, nicht der Hase von Dürer... no, not the hare of Dürer...

 wegen der vielen, vielen Nägel... die alte Wand hält so viele wohl nicht aus... 
 habe ich einfach die vier Nägel, mit denen ich das Poster an der Wand befestigt habe, mit einem goldenen Faden verbunden...
mir gefällt, dass das Poster aussieht wie ein Schnittmuster.

 because of the many, many nails... the old wall wouldn't endure so many scarcely... 
I've simply link with a golden thread the nails, with them I've nailed 
the poster on the wall...
 I like it that it looks like a paper pattern.

The last theme of the dc continues to have an effect... 'The Glass Castle' by Jeannette Walls
is the book I am reading


Who is the host of this week's dc? No. 95th...

Letzte Woche war ich im Kino... last week I've been to the movies...

...der Kinofilm ist ein Augenschmaus...

 that movie is a treat for the eyes...

8 Kommentare:

  1. what a funny way to look at all those masterpieces, such a great background to your still life,

    this time of year, tulips and table lamps, yes we need them both ;)

    i would love to see 'Renoir',a great painter, the french countryside and a love story (as far as i can see in the trailer)must be eyecandy,

    1. its really an eycandy, dear Renilde,
      and there are such calm camera settings... like a paint brush dipping in a glass of clear water... curtains are on the move in a breeze... those colours... and its summer!
      x A.

  2. dear ariane,
    it seems your home is full of little shrines..
    flowers and installations,
    beautiful corners to dream away in.

    hugs to you!
    sunny springy here...

  3. That movie sounds like a dream! and I am in envy of all the flowers in your home- looks so warm and inviting!

  4. Hello Ariane

    the poster is really cool! What a great artwork!

    love xoxoxo

  5. it sounds like a movie just made for you, ariane! i've enjoyed the trailer already, it looks promising.

  6. Der Poster!!!!! Ahhhh <3 zu schön. :)


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