Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013


 Drinnen wird der Frühling geprobt... 
und ein paar Teller an der Wand aufzuhängen, wird zur Übung für den Kreislauf...

Inside spring is in rehearsal... 
and to hang some plates on the wall becomes an exercise for the bloodstream...

 Thank you for your nice comments and wishes on my last post, 
dear blog friends...feeling better now and I will come to your places soon!... 

Who is our next host this weekend?

8 Kommentare:

  1. oh, these plates! and your stamp! (how did i miss your stamp earlier?)


  2. dear Ariane you got me dreaming , from where i'm sitting now i look out at our magnolia tree, it's full of buds, very promising,we have to be patienced..., the small pond is still frozen, down there a waterlily deep asleep...

    i'm glad to read you're feeling better, take care dear,

    i would like to host the next dc, the theme will be 'lighthouse', i'll blogpost an invitation right away, i hope that's ok, xx

  3. Man Ariane wo hast du denn diese fantastischen Teller her - ich bin grad vor Begeisterung und Neid lang hingeschlagen, da kann der Frühling ja wirklich kommen.

    Und übrigens du hast GEWONNEN!
    Liebe Grüße

  4. ... und nun liebe Ariane, musst du dich entscheiden, wer soll dein Herzblatt äh Collage sein.
    Also ran ans aussuchen und ENTSCHEIDEN. Sind ja erstmal prints, die Originale brauche ich vielleicht am Ende noch für eine Ausstellung oder ein Buch oder so.
    LG Barbara

  5. your arrangement of plates are beautiful and perfectly harmonious!
    though i cant quite wish for snow, i do live vicariously through your seasons.
    be well,


  6. magnolia!!!!
    one of my favorites
    like Renilde's mine is full of buds
    I so hope there will be flowers


  7. P.S.
    the drawing in the last picture
    is the New Years card Inge made
    the embroidery is a first 'layer'
    I love them both

    have a fine weekend!
    next week the kids have a holiday
    and I hope I will find time to make
    that robin....

    Patrice A.

  8. Beautiful Magnolia! Love this post it's a bit romantic :-))



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