Sonntag, 1. November 2015

... Oktober... November... (new dc host + theme!)

{Sonniger} Übergang von Oktober zu November

Grün wird Gelbgold, feuriges Orange... Braun garniert mit etwas Pink, das
sich zu einem spirituellen Violet vertiefen kann, etwas Trauerschwarz dazu, eher Abschiedsschmerz, lichtes Silbergrau wie ein nebeliger Tag, Nieselregen.

{Sunny} passage from October to November

Green becomes yellow golden, fiery orange... brown garnished with some pink, which
can deepened to a spiritual violet, a tad mourning black, rather pain of parting,
light-toned silvergrey like a foggy day, drizzle.

The tea tastes nice with Downton Abbey!


*New dc theme (No 179) at Veronica's: 
7th + 8th of November

6 Kommentare:

  1. Did you get sun? Lucky girl. It's just non-stop monsoon round here. :( Oh well, that's what we get in the Wet Coast. I don;t watch Downton Abbey but my mom does and she tells me all about it. Lol Hey, how about a DC? I was writing today and said that I felt like the day was a liminal day: on the threshold of change from autumn to winter. Threshold of change from the calm orange and gold to the fiery Christmas craziness. So, how about "liminal" and we see what thresholds we can cross?

    1. 'Liminal', dear Veronica? Fantastic theme! Thank you! So we see us this weekend (maybe more a feeling).
      I'll post you as our host and your theme. And, I am in!
      xo Ariane

  2. there will always be tea to accompany us through whichever ride we're on, albeit mine is coffee lately... oh, and what i also see is the bowl of abundance, the harvest rich of colour and aromas. this will last us a long time through winter... how fine your eye. as always. n♥



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