Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2016

Busfahrt {and: new host and new theme at the dc!}

Busfahrt im Regen
"Ach, diese Lücke, diese entsetzliche Lücke" von Joachim Meyerhoff gelesen
Treffen mit den Literaturfreundinnen.

Bus ride in the rain

Next drawing challenge:
No. 188: Melodye with LOVE
this weekend, the 13th + 14th of February,
Valentines day

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  1. funny. i checked here a half hour ago, and sensed you would pop up soon... i've been thinking alot about valentine, and have been following the DC traffic on next week's theme, and thank you, ariane rose, to register it all and do so much for us, and for the DC! so very much appreciated.

    how exciting your busfahrt. it reminds me of moments abroad, when impressions often come in blurts of colour, exactly how you show us here... has it been raining, or what? and does that rain reflect like mad, or what?? ;)))

    what is that novel about, i wonder? you have literaturfriends? lovely!!

    let's celebrate mr. valentine's day together, yes. i'm preparing myself. yeeha! X n♥



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