Samstag, 6. Februar 2016

dc #187: 'SIXENS and SEVENS'

The week before last, as J. and I visit the Castle at the Eisenbach 
(for me it was after one year), it was a shock:

When we enter the staircase, I was beaten by the smell of wet 
stonework and fume (still!). We climb over hoses and cables on 
wavy lino covering on the steps upstairs

Arrived aloft, it was more peaceful, but suddenly 
I have seen all the things we'd lost in the fire and water... like ghosts. 
Every single furniture and book, toy, clothes, pillow, towel a.s.o.: 

The touch of depression turns to temper. I feel compelled
to fight against wood chip wallpaper (again!) and thresholds
between all rooms with wooden floor (new,
because of monument protection).

We will return to our Castle at the 1st of May, so
we denounced the lease for the Lionpalace, last week...
and I am at sirens and sevens, feel free like a butterfly,
but in the same time hors de combat

In the following night I dreamt of a green arrow
spinning around

Took it with both hands
searching for a good, the right, place

I put the green arrow to the front door


This week's drawing challenge is hosted by my dear friend Nadeschda Nadine of woolfenbell. Her theme SIXENS and SEVENS has nailed my frame of mind. I stepped into a shopwindow to take the photo of the butterflies without mirroring by the window glass, illustrated my dream with this short video and that drawing of a part of the front door at the Lionpalace. I draw with sepia ink and nib. Later I colored it with a brush of watered sepia ink and added the green arrow to the place I have seen in my dream.

I have catch a cold and try to enjoy slowly life... know, I will

For more SIXENS and SEVENS please visit woolfy Nadeschda's fantastic place
{green drawing here by her. dc #175: POCKET, right?}

I wish DADA a happy birthday and to you all a beautiful weekend!



today: No. 187 'SIXES AND SEVENS' at Nadine's
at the 6th + 7th of February 

next: No. 188 Melodye with LOVE
this weekend, the 13th + 14th of February,
Valentines day

No. 189 at Patrice's


13 Kommentare:

  1. wow, they really dismantled everything, didn't they? it doesn't surprise me a waft of burned air is still lingering... fumes are a hard bargain to get rid of. life, and people and rituals starting up again, those are the elements to do away with the ghosts of things lost {and found again in different ways}...

    so well chuffed to be sharing your bright dream with us. good tidings too, closing old doors and soon stepping through newish thresholds. and coming home.

    hahahah... aw. the green! the symbol of hope, and spring and new beginnings. so very glad to read all of this news, and find 'myself' here too.
    yeah, take your time now, and look after yourself and your cold. put on a sweater, i'm making white tea and we'll have lemon crumble slices and soft chocolate brownies.
    awaiting y'all, by the way.

    x n♥
    so very thank you for playing.

  2. Liebe Ariane,
    bei Freunden von uns ist am Heiligabend die Wohnung ausgebrannt. Keinem ist ernstlich etwas passiert, aber fast alles Materielle ging verloren. Den Mut, weiter zu machen und dem Grünen Pfeil zu folgen, bewundere ich sehr. Viele Grüße, alles Gute und baldige Genesung.

  3. thank you for sharing this intimate journey with us. having one's castle destroyed is a big thing. amazing how we do adjust, yet feeling and yes dreams come and go. i like how you explored your dream in art.

  4. Oh Ariane, my heart sank when I read your first paragraphs but leaped for joy when you said you'll fight! Soon your home will be ready, with it's doors wide open for you and you family to walk through to start creating new memories.

    I love you video! So many directions and choices and decisions and questions and ideas and……

    Take care of yourself. As Nadine says "put a sweater on"!
    xo xo

  5. Oh je, was für ein beklemmender Gang zurück in die Vergangenheit. So leer wie die Räume jetzt noch sind, haben sie natürlich viel Platz für all die Erinnerungen. Ich hoffe einfach mal, dass die Geister verblassen, sobald die Räume wieder mit Leben und neuen Dingen befüllt sind. Der Pfeil zeigt den Weg in die Zukunft! Alles Gute dafür! (Und gute Besserung!) Tanja

  6. puh, dieser gang muss wie in einem alptraum gewesen sein...
    ich wünsche dir alles, alles gute für die neue alte wohnung - möge sie euch diesmal ganz viel glück bringen!!
    gute besserung für nase, hals und co und liebe grüße,

  7. Oh je, ich hoffe, daß wenn ihr dann eingezogen seid und eure alte/neue Wohnung wieder mit neuem Leben, neuen Ideen und neuen Möbel gefüllt haben werdet, die traumatischen Erinnerungen verblassen!
    Gute Besserung bzgl. der Erkältung und auch was die Erinnerungen anbelangt.
    P.S. Ich sehe mein Video und Sepia ink wash Kram hat angefangen abzufärben..

  8. my sweet friend!
    YES! you will live in your fine castle again soon
    and YES! fight those ghostst!!
    there will be fine wallpaper and butterflies and flowers
    windows open, a soft breeze....

    next weekend i am hosting
    but boy when oh when will i find some time....

    with love
    and 3 kisses

  9. I love you Ariane. My heart feels the loss of 'things' ~ important in their own right. I still haven't mailed out the little book which is said I would too many months ago to count...and it sits here waiting...should I wait until you move back in to the Castle? It should like its' new home with you there. The green arrow dream! Marvelous! The art interpretation of it which you show to us~~fantastic indeed. May your cold take a hike. Love, N, x

  10. Finding the looks like a good sign. You now can count the says before returning. - eric

  11. Oh my gosh it seems like such a long haul for you dear girl, and now a cold too! Don't worry, soon you will be in your castle and you will make it perfect. Tell that cold germ that there is no place for it in your body and it should just go somewhere else! Big hugs. :D

  12. Very beautiful, Ariane. I hope your dream comes true soon - thank you for sharing with us.

  13. dear ariane, I can only guess how your visit to the castle must have felt. losing things or loved ones, is traumatic already, but being reminded just when the wounds are starting to heal, is even harder. but then again, I strongly believe , this has been only the necessary removal of the last bandage. the butterflies are the most perfect metaphor. so, the first of may will be a great one for the two of us. moving into lighter and happy place! xo a.



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