Dienstag, 9. August 2011


May I invite you...

to the next weekend's drawing challenge? The theme is: 


Everybody is welcome to participate... Please let me know if you are in.

14 Kommentare:

  1. Dear Ariane,

    Thank you for inviting me to the next drawing challenge. Until the end of the vacation, I took a small break, so I can come back with new energy.
    Thank again and success, xx Hagar

  2. well, for wanting to act on my fingerspitzengefühl (ahem) i want in, and so i will.
    i am daunted by this theme though!!!!

  3. thank you for the invitation, and yes, I am in!!

  4. mmmm
    not sure
    I am in between things
    having a break
    a break
    and my birthday
    not sure

  5. love your sunday down there,
    the colors and jam jam jam!
    my mother is making some right now from black currants. smells wonderful. plum cake, mmm.

  6. Liebe Ariane, ich mache gern mit bei der Metamorphose. Besonders interessant finde ich, dass du bei der Blüte eine Frau erkennst...
    Liebe Grüsse Barbara

  7. lieben dank für die liebe einladung. und ja. ich mach gerne noch mal mit.

    bambi von raupe und schmetterling

  8. a little hello Ariane , thank you for your words !
    hope you will enjoy this challenge

  9. diesen wundervollen Schmetterling habe ich doch schon mal gesehen...

  10. ich bin dabei! liebe grüße von mano vom elm

  11. i'm in but i'll be a little late, got my son's 7th birthday coming up this weekend :)

  12. Part of me would like to, but my drawing skills are that rusty that it takes me forever to present anything. And I don't have forever at the moment. Could the challenge be changed into an 'art challenge', in that case one could contribute with any sort of artistic genre?
    It's just a question, so feel free to say 'no' :)

  13. Dear Hagar,
    I wish you vacation full of warmth and sunshine!

    You are daunted by this theme, dear Nadine? Come on!

    Dear Rachel,
    I'm really pleased, you'd like to find the time...

    Dear Patrice,
    we shall see... I wish you a nice birthday celebration with your family and friends today!

    Dear Ritva,
    I'm really pleased... as I told you.

    Black currant jam, mmmmh, dear Sara! Please present compliments.

    Liebe Barbara,
    ich bin ja so neugierig! Freu mich.

    Mein liebes Bambi,
    das freut mich sehr - und ich denke auch als erstes an 'Die wundersame Wandlung der Raupe zum Schmetterling'. Sybilla Maria Merian hat davon im 17. Jh großartige Kupferstiche erschaffen!

    Merci beaucoup, cher Isabella!

    Liebe Bib,
    das muss der Vater oder die Mutter gewesen sein... oder wie alt werden eigentlich Schmetterlinge?

    Liebe Mano vom Elm,
    das freut mich... bin gespannt.

    Dear Maria,
    is he the oldest of three? I which you a happy celebration!

    Dear Lilli,
    of course you - and everybody - could contribute with any sort of artistic genre... Come on!

    'See you' at this weekend... I have to start right away with my Metamorphosis...
    Love, Ariane.



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