Sonntag, 21. August 2011

Drawing Challenge #28: MONKEY

For this week's drawing challenge the theme is Monkey. First I miss a Monkey for turmoil, rumpus...

Than I find a book and some music of the Peters: The Woman and the Ape of Peter Høeg and Stadtaffe of Peter Fox.

 But than I recognize that my youngest child is born as a monkey in the chinese horoscope! She is a very friendly person who is doing little jokes and bring us laughters... 

The muse has kissed me: 
For my school beginner I draw a hornbook: 
'Aa wie Affe' means in English 'Mm like Monkey'.

I grounded a 24x30cm canvas with acrylic and draw with pastel colour. The monkey's rock is added with a photo of a heap of suitcases from the German Vogue.

 For more Monkeys get over to the Swedish Sock Festival of rocking Elisabeth!

No. 26 Theatre
No. 27 Metamorphosis

No. 28 'MONKEY'  Elisabeth 20.+21.08.2011

No. 29 'WINDOW'  Jasmin 27.+28.08.2011

No. 30 'Stained Glass' Nadine 03. + 04.09.2011

Who is next??

10 Kommentare:

  1. lovely collection of monkeys!

    enjoy your sunday

  2. you sure found a lot of monkeys around! :)
    i love that drawing ♥
    and a happy sunday to you too, dear Ariane

  3. das foto deiner tochter ist zauberhaft lebendig - ein kleiner fröhlicher wirbelwind! wunderbar dazu der in sich ruhende affe. deine inspirationen gefallen mir sehr!
    herzlichst, mano

  4. monkey, monkey, monkey business; sprightly lady...! i am so intrigued by that first image! for the life of me, is it an image, or a draught? i love it! but your drawn monkey does look the clever part!

    school starting already? gosh, we are late then here, with september only being the kick off to another school year. i hear others start up again too.

  5. Thank you, dear Sara,
    enjoy your swedish (?) sunday, too.

    Dear Maria,
    yes, a lot of monkeys... and thanks.

    Liebe Mano,
    der gezeichnete Affe bildet den Gegenpart, ja. Es tat richtig gut, ihn zu zeichnen...

    Dear Nadine,
    the first pic is an image: its a flying doll-monkey, thrown by the human monkey in pic #3.


  6. what a good idea! but i think this is very difficult for me! by the way my son is born under monkey year... indeed friendly and funny- with the abbility to make everyone happy : )

  7. I agree with Sara, that's a lovely collection of monkeys! And the Affe on the suitcases makes me want to see the whole alphabet. Maybe we should have more letters in the challenge sometime... :)

  8. liebste ariane, deine affen sind ja unglaublich toll, die fotos, der gezeichnete, wunderschön und witzig!! du vielseitige!!! herzensgruss, deine julia

  9. oh i love that first out of focus monkey and then the fuzzy cheekiness of your ginger haired monkey-child!
    and i always love suitcases in a pile.
    and brown pastels too. like chocolate.
    The Woman and The Ape - an intriguing title. I don't know it.

    But how funny... i just wrote to Nadine about Coincidence. And then named my theme as 'Window'. And now I see here that she has already said 'Stained Glass' for the next week! Do I keep Window... could be good to have words next to each other that may inspire more ....

  10. Dear Ariane,thanks for your comments, i spend some time away from my laptop but as i do love the drawing challenges i'll be participating again next week. I have some catching up to do visiting all your blogs. Your monkey on the suitcase rock is such a good find, love it, xx



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