Samstag, 13. August 2011

Drawing/Art Challenge #27: METAMORPHOSIS

The Queen of the Castle at the Eisenbach
look out of the window and beheld a soughing flying swan. 

But... is it really a swan?

Maybe is it a woman who is coated in a plumage like the Swan Maiden... ?

Or is it the other way around and a woman take off her clothes and transmutes into a Swan like a Valkyrie which fly away from her husband after seven years of hymen...?

For this week's drawing challenge with Metamorphosis I chose to paint a swan. 
I've taken an 'old' canvas and paints it over with a remain of colour from my mom's last renovation... so its a kind of metamorphosis also...

Do you know the fairy from Hans Christian Andersen 'The Ugly Duckling'?  This fairy tells about the maturing process in a very lucid way.

Couples of swans are faithful and both takes care of their children... Tomorrow its 13 years ago that my husband and I said YES... and I've nothing on to fly away.

Marriage - or the art of metamorphosis together in everyday life.

This sweet drawing is from Irena Andersen, my lovely sis.

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Who is next??

17 Kommentare:

  1. love the stories
    you are so good with words
    even in English!

    happy weekend!!

  2. Lovely. I will be finnished with my metamorphosis tomorrow morning. So: I'm in! Actually kind of the same idea as you had. You'll understand as you see it...

  3. ha.
    walter crane on a sunday morning.
    thank you.
    i like the elegant swan in you.
    and your sister shows us talent too...
    i love how your post is indeed filled with metamorphoses...

    happy anniversary to you guys, today!!!!
    the lucky rain this morning brings you (at least) another thirteen of 'em....

    i would love my theme to be 'stained glass', 'kay?
    X X X

  4. Good morning, my lovelies,
    dear Patrice,
    oh, really? Thank you... I feel more shakiness in English.

    Ah, dear Elisabeth,
    you're in, thats fantastic... and I'm nosy what you mean.

    Lucky rain here also this morning, dear Nadine,
    and thank you.
    I take my Latte Macciato and fly to your place to see 'stained glass' right now...


  5. dear ariane,
    happy wedding day! how do you celebrate? so many metamorphosis in life, right? i love what you wrote about marriage.
    enjoy this day. love

  6. wunderschönen guten morgen liebste ariane.

    ich liebe deine stolze schwänin...die farben...deine worte. und auch die zeichnung deiner schwester.

    wünsch dir weiterhin alles liebe. und viel freude bei der ausstellung navoli/willert. perfekt bei einem regentag.

    bambi von schmetter und ling

  7. happy anniversary!

    i agree with patrice,
    love your words!

    and as sarapirat said: so many metamorphosis in life!

    ps. loved your green too :)

  8. I forgot to say: Happy anniversary!

    And I came up with a word for the new drawing challenge. I'll present it immediately.


  9. Dear Ariane,
    My first thought was: did she really? Did she really paint such an incredibly piece of grace and beauty. Of course, I already knew the answer to my question. Who else could manage to incorporate the very essence of metamorphosis in a swan.

    Slung my thoughts back to 'The Wonderful Adventures of Nils' by Selma Lagerlöf (1906).

    What a piece of beauty! And I share your views on the importance of quiet, patient motherhood, I don't think I have ever yelled at my children. It's too scary, for all.
    Happy anniversary, August is a wonderful symbolic month to marry.

    Love Lilli

  10. Dear Ariane, I snuck in, and quickly joined the list - i hate when i miss out.
    I have been trying to comment on here but it hasn't been letting me (?)

    I could have done so much more. I did in my head. This has been a wonderful word.
    And - wonderfully - I have been wanting to write/direct a short film for over a year now, I had the initial idea but couldn't continue because I didn't quite have the story. Ariane! I read the word 'metamorphis' here on your sweet pages and all my ideas just fell into place!! It is true. That is PURE INSPIRATION. THANK YOU - more than you know.

    Do you know the expression "Butterfly Effect"?

    We have soft night rain here now......
    sweet swan heart dreams xx jasmin

  11. ... and of course these pictures are divinely elegant.

    I do love a swan. And funny that you visited my 'swan lake' holiday recently....

    happy swan love for tomorrow/today

  12. was für ein wunderschönes gemälde! ein anderes wort passt nicht zu deinem werk. und deine metamorphosen sind so gelungen, das schöne schwanenmädchen mag ich sehr. ebenso die liebevolle zeichnung deiner schwester.
    dir noch herzlichen glückwünsch zu den 13 gemeinsamen jahren - ich bin sicher, ihr habt einen schönen tag! liebe grüße von mano

  13. Dear A
    I´m actually here as well.
    Lovely to see You, I need to catch up
    but my mind still works in slow mood of summer and metamorphosis of changes in Time.
    By the way I was in Hamburg for a few hours passing on our interrail trip, I didn´t know You live there... maybe next time we can plan for some extra hours :)

  14. happy happy anniversary, to you and your beau!
    the swan, i want to fly on his back to boston, rather than a cramped and stinky airplane.
    so beautiful, as always.

  15. can i be next after elisabeth and nadine after that?

  16. My dear enchantresses,
    thank you.
    I really enjoyed this theme together with you. And thank you very much for the good wishes for my and my beau's anniversary... it means a lot for me.

    And, dear Hanna, please, absolutely we plan for some extra hours!

    Dear Jasmin,
    yes, you can!



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