Montag, 8. August 2011


Die Gläser von gestern sind mit nun Marmelade gefüllt. 
Heute ist eine neue Leckerei dazugekommen. Danke, liebste Milady, für den märchenhaften Hinweis...

The jars of yesterday are filled with jam now. 
Today has arrived a new dainty. Thank you, dearest Milady, for the fairy clue...

3 Kommentare:

  1. Hi dear friend! I've missed you and I've missed the drawing challenge! I'd be happy if you'd like to choose a theme for this week and then I might be the host the week after? And this is my decision: I will do my homework ;) and make a drawing for every theme I've missed this summer. That's it!

    See you.
    Kram, as we say in Sweden :)
    Elisabeth (textilspanieln)

  2. even in german, alice munro's "too much happiness" sounds promising. are you reading it, or have you read it? what do you think about the first story?
    btw - just read elisabeth's answer above. just have me in line for the week after her choice, okay?

  3. about the plum-cake, see:
    you have to translate, sorry!
    that is how I make it
    and yes, we love jam
    with scones!
    I am a baking type

    I finished the new book of Siri Hustvedt just yet, we all like the same writers



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