Samstag, 1. Oktober 2011

Drawing challenge: BREAKFAST

My breakfast
I've painted with colours from real breakfast. So I've mixed casein with ingrediences like espresso for the wallpaper (printed with 'onderzetters' for cups) and cocoa for the tablecloth and painted all the other fixings with this tones.
It smells delicious!

Before we can eat breakfast at weekend
in our family, the artists have to move... later we can put on tablecloth, plates, Espresso, slice up some fruits, cooked eggs, goat cheese and so on. 
So many special wishes... during the week with school and job there is no time for.

My best breakfast is having a Latte Macchiato (from my husband or kids) and some chocolate or cookies in bed... reading as long as my family allows...

And sometimes... no, often I prefere a café where I will be carefully attended to even like a Queen...

This week's drawing challenge is hosted by inspiring Patrice. Please come to her place, take a seat at her table to have more marvellous, delicious worldwide wonderful breakfast(s).

No. 34 'Breakfast' Patrice 01.+02.10.2011

No. 35 'Family' Greta 08. + 09.10.2011

Who is next??

13 Kommentare:

  1. this is wonderful! such a great artist you are! i am realy happy we are having breakfast together ; )

  2. dear Ariane,

    your breakfast looks like I imagined it
    soft colored and delicate
    I love it
    like I love my coffee the same way you do
    but never had one served in bed!


  3. dear ariane, your breakfast drawing.... a delicate still life, a peaceful beginning of the day,i love your roses wallpaper, sublime!
    the latte looks yummie xx

  4. what a wonderful still life, the soft tones so draw me in. and you did think of everything : the authentic coffee maker, the figs, the beautiful surroundings (chairs and that wall paper!!!!!). and with the ingredients such as you name...
    i dream of being in a place like this...
    your dining room, ariane?
    by the way - i love ALL of your breakfast settings, you know!

  5. Ariane! I want to sit at your table and sip espresso! How clever of you to incorporate your breakfast into your painting...only you Ariane...

    I, too, love a good morning at a cafe. I drank hot mocha lattes for breakfast for a long time. Not the most nutritious, but it kept me going till lunch.
    Greta is interested in hosting sometime. If we don't get a volunteer for next week, may she choose a theme?

    Thanks for sharing you routine and your aromatic painting!

  6. This is Greta:
    Yes! I would like to be the host next week.
    Thank you.

  7. ganz wunderschöne kaffee- und kakao-bilder und café-eindrücke. mit dir würde ich gern frühstücken gehen! lieben gruß von mano

  8. Thank you,
    dear Demie,
    you, my lovely table neighbor at Patrice's round table.

    Dearest Patrice,
    pardon? you never had a coffee served in bed? What a pity, but your day may come.
    For me it was a special honour to have breakfast with you, our lovely host together with our fabulous blog-friends... thank you!
    My youngest child became ill (only a cold with fever) so I stay in Hamburg and not in Berlin... but in this way I have had more peace and less hurry to paint.

    Thank you, dear Renilde,
    ..its my wallpaper of my dreams...
    I've forgotten to tell you that I love your tins!

    Dear Nadine,
    I'm touched...
    and, what a pity, it isn't my dining room... only of my dreams. The chairs are real! They are from my grandparents... but I've got only two of them... the freedom of artists...

    Dear Rachel,
    one of these days, when you are in Hamburg... my heart is jumping with this idea!

    I've asked your Greta if she wanna be our lovely host next week. With a little help from you, her wonderful mom?

    Love to you all,

  9. Liebe Mano,
    danke... das können wir! Demnächst?

    Liebe Grüße von Ariane.

  10. Dear Greta,
    thank you for beeing our host next weekend.
    What's the theme?

    Heartily greetings to you and your lovely family,

  11. Dear Ariane, looking at your beautiful art work, looking on the pictures and reading your words- I feel you've open a window to a beautiful family life...warm my heart....xx (love! Your butter glass dish...:-)

  12. Beautiful and delicate drawings!
    Your breakfast look delicious, what a beautiful moments with your family!

  13. I am late for breakfast, I know.
    It is morning here. I am in bed on my laptop, and now hungry looking at your breakfast! I love the creamy butter in a glass dish and the floral plate.
    I agree with Patrice, it is just how I imagine your breakfasts to be!
    And did you really paint and draw with food and coffee??
    What an AMAZING idea.
    I see that Family is next with Greta...... speak soon xx



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