Samstag, 15. Oktober 2011

Drawing challenge #36: DEVELOPMENT

 In the very beginning is often a zygote. 
From that moment life could evolves: From a early stadium of the cell to the young morula and so on...

I try to let grow up my children in a way that encourages integrity. 
For the birth of the twins I have had to search for a hospital which 'allowed' a natural birth and not a caesarean section. So the birth of child one and child two were odd 90 minutes apart.
Each of the two childs had its own rhythm of sleeping and nursing and they were not synchron... 
Many years later I have to learn that many people in our society don't want 'free' kids. They try to make them rather tame and fitted... 

What a development!

This week I progress myself and stitch for the very first time... maybe with a thread from a Silk moth.

This week's drawing/art challenge is with the theme DEVELOPMENT.

are designing... Have a look around!

No. 36 'Development' Ariane 15. + 16.10.2011

No. 37 'BOTTLE/S'  Renilde 22. + 23.10.2011
Who is next??

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  1. so you, Ariane! delicate stitches in your beloved colours, your post made me think of the following quote 'With time and patience, mulberry leaves will turn into a silk dress' xx

  2. Ariane, I am so impressed by the twins birth story. I truly believe that those moments at birth follow them throughout their gave them the most peaceful and natural start. I can't say that I have heard of many ( if any) twins born without a cesarean operation. Good for you!

    I also agree with the matter of children losing their freedom these days. Here in Marblehead my thoughts about school kids was confirmed by a local yesterday: that kids here are over scheduled. We see kids coming and going to classes, after school sports, etc, but rarely do we see them playing freely without a structure or guide or teacher. Hence, we haven't made any "friends" here. Kids are too busy! I realize why now.
    Your embroidery! Is it on paper? That deep rose color is delicious. The circle design so simple and composition has depth and balance.
    I have never embroidered with silk. I'm not sure why. I have been denying myself!!! I think I will indulge in some of that. I love to embroider.
    Thank you for his week's theme. It got me thinking about a lot of things...

  3. liebe Ariane

    your theme is singing around in my head
    because all of you express it's questions so well
    I love your stitching, is it on velvet?
    it fits your story so well
    the figures the colors the warmth
    the birth of a child a magical moment

    ah! free children
    we have never done much, but let them be, gave them the possibilities to do and make things, especially outside and in the garage were they have wood and tools
    but now they get older things are changing
    especially Jort, who will turn 14 in January for him the computer is becoming more and more important


  4. i did manage unfortunatelly , but i am taking a round to see what the other made... and its a lot of realy gorgeous paintings and drawings out there : )
    love the moth development ...

    and about that development that has to do with raising children... its a scary one... people today want their kids to fit their lifes. there are so affraid they will get ingured or something, all the time. how are these kids going to learn how to live?...
    i raise my kids as individuals, with feelings, thoughts and their own personality. i try to learn them to have their own ideas, not to care what others say so much, not to be affraid to say what they mean...
    and when the hit themselfs i comfort them... and let them go out play again. climp at trees, use the hummer, laugh loud and run like lunatics...

  5. Ariane! my queen!
    before i started reading your post i was thinking of cells and science, molecules and misosis (sp?) already a new life was bubbling before my eyes!! :)
    Where, my dear , in the world do you find the time????
    as usual your flower photos make me swoon.

    xoxo stephanie

  6. i am of course loving the circles, the colour tone, the texture. i love your embroidery first! you are an eisenbach star!
    and thank you, ariane, for this insight in your own private corner, your headstrong thoughts on a natural birth for twins. you are courageous!
    yes. may your thread be red, and your path silken.... ;)))
    just to perhaps confirm the above... our son wasn't interested in much besides school activities, and i let him go his own way. our life has been such that he could do this, and always in the company of another peer. it was letting him walk the city at 9, or something, just to go get a bread, e.g. it has evolved into being independent today. i often forget and check with him, and he goes: mu-um! just to say, he did go his own way, even as a child, and he's reaping all that this entails.
    he'd say, 'chill already', to which i'd rather say, 'agreed'. ;)))

  7. Oh, Ariane, the Queen of Beauty.
    I am sorry I missed your invitation. Although I did post something today, it might be hard to connect it with development. Maybe in a larger sense, and writing is always some kind of development. Oh yes, it's my first poem in Swedish.

    I must say, I love everything you do. All your pictures, all your writing. But most of all, maybe the atmosphere that surrounds what I imagine is 'you'.

    Tame and fitted, that's what we don't want. We want autonomy and integrity. Especially in children. The hard part is that it must begin with the parents.

    Much love,

  8. Aaah, my dear Ladies:

    thank you, dear Renilde for that quote, I've never heard it before.
    And dear Rachel,
    don't denying yourself... silk is wonderful!
    You're right, dear Patrice, my embroidery is on velvet.
    Dear Demie, sometimes a development beginning to tell later...
    My lovely Milady, how nice to see you here again! - My household is a mess... thats why I have time.
    Dear Nadine,
    hahah, an eisenbach star, heheehahah! Thanks a lot!
    And dear Lilli,
    you really make me blushing... and later (with time and possibility for beeing more in depth) I'll come to your place of wise moth.
    I go along with you, that its really a challenge to start with us. As parents we must start with ourselves... to be authentic.
    Dear Maria, ♥!

    Such a friendly, positive involvement here... wonderful. Thank you very much.


  9. Ich war ja wirklich lange nicht mehr hier... Das ist wirklich toll geworden, was für eine schöne Idee. Und wie schön die Kommentare hier zu lesen, wie du die Leute in deine Bann ziehst <3 Hach! Ich möchte dir morgen was sagen. :)



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