Freitag, 21. Oktober 2011

Drawing challenge: BOTTLE(S)

Bei diesem Aufruf zum Zeichnen bin ich von einem familiären Tabu überrascht worden. 
Das Thema von unserer Gastgeberin Renilde ist 'Flasche/n'. Das Geräusch umkippender oder zusammenstoßender Glasflaschen erzeugt in mir Spannungen, weckt Erinnerungen, Schmerzen... warum?
Ich sammel vieles, darunter noch mehr Behälter: Taschen, alte Dosen, Tassen, Vasen... viele Vasen: aus Keramik, Glas... doch Flaschen? keine Einzige. Flaschen sind bei mir negativ besetzt.
On this week's drawing challenge I've been surprised by an family reasons taboo. 
The theme from our host Renilde is 'bottle/s'. The noise of overturn or bang together bottles generate tensions, rouses memories, pain... why?
I'm collecting many things, many bins: bags, old cans, cups and vases, many vases: from ceramic, glas... but bottles? not a single one. Bottles are with negative connotations from me.

Sie war eine weiche, wohlwollende Natur. 
Die Dinge sah sie so wie sie wirklich sind und sie hatte starke spirituelle Neigungen. 
Doch... alleingelassen, suchte sie einen Ausweg. Um vor ihren angstvollen Phantasien zu fliehen, fand sie Spiritus, den Flaschengeist Alkohol. Ihre Suche wurde zur Sucht.

She was a soft, benevolent natur. 
Things was seen by her as they are and she'd got strong spiritual leanings. 
But... forsaken, she searched for a resort. To flee of her fantasies thick with fear she found spiritus, the genie in a bottle alcohol. Her searching becames addiction.

Meine Zeichnung 
zeigt die Umrisse von Korn-Flaschen. Ich habe sie mit indigoblau auf eine Serviette gezeichnet.

Um die Farbe Indigo herzustellen, hat man früher samstags den zu färbenden Stoff und die gelbe Pflanze Färberwaid im Freien in Bottichen mit Urin einsumpfen lassen. Da man auch Alkohol dazu benötigte, tranken die Färber ziemlich viel und urinierten dann in den Bottich... Das dauerte zwei Tage und montags wurde der Stoff auf Leinen gehängt, um dann im Sonnenlicht zu blau zu oxidieren: die Begriffe 'blau sein' und 'Blau machen' kommt von der Herstellung dieser Farbe.

My drawing showes 
the shapes of bottles from corn schnapps. I've sketched them with indigo on a napkin.
In order to produce the colour indigo, before now on a Saturday they let cloth and the yellow plant glastum al freso in tub with urine becomes marshy. Because of alcohol was needed for that procedure, the dyer drank very much and urinated into the tub... It was two days and Mondays hang out the fabric, to oxidate into blue in the sunlight: the term 'to be drunk' and 'take a duvet day' in German is coming from the production of that colour.

Please come on over to mystic Renilde to see more bottle(s) from all over the world.

No. 37 'BOTTLE/S'  Renilde 22. + 23.10.2011

No. 38 'Alice in Wonderland' Nadine 29. + 30. 10.2011
Who is next??

10 Kommentare:

  1. dear Ariane, it's always very interesting to see what connection each of us has with each of our themes, sometimes happy ones, sometimes they are sad (although it wasn't my intention to bring up sad memories ofcourse)
    Your bottles are beautiful, but they reflect also a kind of solitude; the blue against the white, the bottle on its side.
    In the french language they have also the expression 'il est blue' now i know where that is coming from.
    Thank you , xx

  2. i like your bottles Ariane! lovely idea to use fabric... and they remind me of greece ... i think is the colour : )

  3. ariane
    that is a little disturbing, isn't it, such a connotation. i am sorry for that. we can't change the past, only try to live as peaceful as possible alongside the memories. as you were describing this past reality, i all of a sudden thought of the sound of breaking glass, a happy song, really. this is for you.
    your bottles make up for your pain, i hope. they are good and proper, if a little melancholic.
    the lesson on indigo is to be expected. i already learned how elaborate a process indigo dying can be.
    now. in the meantime i added a probable new theme for our circle. go and have a peek?

  4. I really enjoyed your tackle of the challenge of the bottles. And I enjoy it even more as you write you drew them on a napkin. I was wondering what surface you had used. Lovely work indeed. I´m also happy I found your blog via the challenge.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  5. A powerful post..beautiful art..very symbolic and your words are deeply touching, I feel like each bottle carries such silence and emotion at the same time...they are filled with invisible real and raw and longing for healing and peace..such a powerful sharing!. Very touching..hugs!
    Beautiful art, love your blog.

  6. such a clear and strong drawing
    bright blue on white
    a statement
    the other images the Ariane I 'know'
    the story sad....
    thank you for sharing

  7. es ist so interessant zu sehen, wie jede(r) das thema behandelt. deine geschichte um die blauen (blau!) flaschen hat mich sehr beeindruckt. die bilder und die fotos, die so sehr diese verschwommene welt von alkoholabhängigen zeigen.
    meine flaschen-bilder sind so ganz anders...
    sei herzlich gegrüßt von mano

  8. Wow. Toll, wie du diese Verbindung umgesetzt hast.

  9. Thank you very much,
    dear Renilde,
    the work at your theme 'bottle/s' make me feeling more complete.

    Dear Demie, it seems to me that you have homethickness?

    Oh, dear Nadine, thank you for that happy 70th song... top of the pops! I'm fine...

    Hi, Nina, thanks and nice to meet you!

    Hello, Victoria, you're right: the empty bottles 'they are filled with invisible pain'...

    Dear sailing Patrice,
    good that you are back on dry land. Thank you very much for your words.

    Danke, liebe Mano,
    'verschwommene Welt' trifft es gut.
    Ich hoffe, Deine Flaschenpost wird gefunden!

    Liebste Dani,
    danke sehr.

  10. i read this entry of yours again. i'm glad you were here, in our house. i'm looking forward to meeting again. sweet dreams.
    later, n♥



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