Samstag, 8. Oktober 2011

Drawing challenge: FAMILY

I've drawn a family-tree.

The King and Queen (me) of the Castle at the Eisenbach haven't got a photo of their family together... except this one. 

This photo is from my family when I was a 7-years-old girl.

I loved to be together with my sister and our cousins and cousines.

 The memories becomes blurred...

 ...  then old photos helps for remembering.

 Or old things like the bonnet of my grandmother as a maidservant... or the christening robe of my mother.

 Some old pictures shows me members who I've never seen. And, that my family took many ways to this place of here and now: so as my great-grandparents, coming from Danmark and Greenland. Other ancestors came from France, Poland and Czechia, most from Germany. And some emigrated to the Netherlands, Great Britain and Canada...

 Whencever we're coming from, wherever we'll going:

We are a family! 

Please take a look to the branch of the family Fannin. Our young host of this week's drawing challenge: 7-year-old sweet Greta, daughter of lovely Rachel and Zach and sister to red-haired Henry, granddaughter to...

No. 34 Breakfast

No. 35 'Family' Greta 08. + 09.10.2011

No. 36 'Development' Ariane 15. + 16.10.2011

Who is next?? 

11 Kommentare:

  1. hello Ariane, looking at your photos i recognize that '60 mood, the bright colors, my mother often bought or made similar dresses for my sister and me too, when i close my eyes i can still see those dresses, orange and green :)
    i love the picture of your children running of that hill and your family tree is sooo cute, xx

  2. liebste ariane, so schön dein familienbaum! familie ist in diesen tagen ein bewegendes thema für mich. ♥ julia

  3. Hello, dear Renilde,
    my mom stitched the dresses by herself, too. Those colours like orange and green are coming back...

    Liebste Julia,
    ja, das Modell Stammbaum zeigt nicht wirklich die Bewegung, die immer da ist und noch verstärkt spürbar ist, wenn jemand dazu kommt oder wenn jemand geht.

    Love, Ariane.

  4. the family tree for ariane. of course. what a wonderful vision.
    you're coming from up north, somewhere back there in your ancestry....? could be a partial explanation to your wanderlust, no?
    i like the rosettes on your tree. like tea coasters, they shine: your family.

  5. lovely outcome of the theme family
    my family does not have many pictures or other items, no family tree, and just little story
    a couple of years my father wrote down everything he knows about his family and I love his stories

    I made a tree too
    a very different one
    I loved the theme, I now have a portrait of the four of us, because we do not have a picture of the four of us, because I normally take them....


  6. Dear Nadine,
    drawing the golden points of my 'frames' or 'leaves' you're on my mind.

    Dear Patrice,
    normally I take the photos, too... so I call it a 'familyportrait' even when only my shadow is seen.
    This wonderful theme make me wish to have a picture of the five of us... photo or maybe a painting!

    Now I'll take the liana and swing to your branches of family.


  7. Beautiful family tree dear Ariane, love your family picture with your kids running up the hill.
    My mom have some old family pictures that I used to see all the time when I was a kid.........beautiful times!

  8. Dearest Ariane,
    Another beautiful post from you.
    Would you believe me if I said that your posts are the ones I have to read and explore the most times, before being able to say anything. Often, I will come back, several times. Afraid maybe, that words would destroy the beauty.

    This time, it's just 'too much'. Every single photo deserves a story. And I bow my head in respect for your great-grandparents; 'Hello, nice to meet you. Thank you for Ariane'.

  9. Dear Citlalli,
    the photos becomes a carrier for family stories. They connect people... that's beautiful.

    Dearest Lilli,
    I don't know what to say...
    Thank you very much! For your nice words to my great-grandparents and to me... and:
    Would you believe me if I say that your voice make this place more deep and beauty, every time that you leave a comment? I'm glad... ever so.


  10. dear ariane,
    dear mother, sister, auntie,
    part of a big family,
    how lovely it is to belong to a family.
    either if it is through blood or water.



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