Samstag, 18. Februar 2012

Drawing challenge: BUTTERFLY

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The gusto for  butterflies  runs in the family... more precisely in the matriarchy.
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Universally it flitters.

 No wonder that I meet Maria Sibylla Merian, my old chap!

 In the 17th century she's been a German naturalist, painter and copperplate engraver... 
I love her work! 

... and it inspired me for some photos about 7 years ago. Frau Merian collected caterpillars and documented the 'miracolously metamorphose from the caterpillar to a butterfly' in copper.... but I've collected some pretty butterflies from my mags... and took pictures of real flowers and papered butterflies for my still lifes.

 Now, for this challenge of sweet woolfy Nadine I try to do a copperplate printing... 
its my first time.

This looks like in my stomach... 
It has been a tough job since I have catched some butterflies... like in real life. At a hint from my husband to the old rotary iron in the attic it works
Copper-engraved and printed on wet paper.
1 unknown from the flea market 2 wallpaper of Dutch Wouter Dolk 
3 Fabric of my mother Elke 4 my aunt Lieselotte in age of ca. 5  in 1938
and 5 my sister Irena and my niece Imogen in 2002.

For more butterflies please join flittering Nadine!

 No. 45 Teatime
No. 46 Bundle
No. 47 Another Roadside Attraction
  No. 48 Umbrella/Parasol

 No. 49 Nadine with BUTTERFLY at 18.+19.02.2012

Next: No. 50! Patrice with 'MONOGRAM' at 25.+26.02.2012

No. 51 Greta with ? at 03.+04.03.2012

Who is next?

16 Kommentare:

  1. Informative in an entertaining way (this is you Ariane and i like it).
    I have been gazing at Wouter Dolk's work and fallen totally in love with it.
    And beside being a great object that old rotary iron of you helped you producing some touching butterflies(keep it out of the attic dear). x

  2. Dear Ariane,

    Lovely inspiring photos...Love your printing work- very courageous of you and beautiful result...:-)...xx
    (I wish I know how to print...)

  3. Wow...what an inspiring post...everything you have shared is so very beautiful!! I love all the magnificent butterfly you have shown and the special photos and pictures..and that german artist..gorgeous!! Your copper plate butterfly is takes me to my Nonno who used to do that long ago..a special memory for me!
    Beautiful post...

  4. How exciting, inspiring and pretty:) It is a butterfly story, thank you!

  5. Thank you for the lovely family story, the introduction to a new ( to me ) artist and for your experimental but very good art work at the end.... wow!

    ps. I read ( saw) today your previous post also. And liked it : )

  6. a true Ariane-story-post!
    this theme fits you so well
    brave you!
    a copperplate print!!


    thinking of a theme
    that fits 50
    I will post it on Monday

  7. deine wunderbare schmetterlings-familien-geschichte, die liebenswerte maria sibylla merian (ich bin auch eine verehrerin ihrer arbeiten) und ein bezaubernder kupferdruck haben mich sehr gefreut. ich konnte leider nicht dabei sein, musste eis in dänemark schippen...
    liebe grüße von mano

  8. frau merian. eine beeindruckende frau. im hiesigen schmetterlingsgarten war mal eine ausstellung einer künstlerin, die sich von ihr zu ganz phantastischen "reisekleidern" hat inspirieren lassen. diese hingen überall im tropischen garten und wurden von den schmetterlingen umflattert oder als rastplatz genutzt.

    inspirierender post!

    ganz herzliche grüße

  9. wow how great trying something new like that....and it came out so good too! I love the rose photo it looks just like a butterfly and your family story-so sweet!
    what a lovely post :)

  10. what a magnificent fluttering post... i can't hardly believe it! cut out butterflies on fresh flowers look stunning!! what a terrific idea to draw the wings in...
    i am fascinated by any 'home' printing and so i am intrigued by the wet copperplate printing.
    you've done some metamorphosing yourself, dear??!! ;)

  11. liebste ariane, ein thema wie für dich gemacht, wenn ich mich an unsere begegnung erinnere, an die wunderschönen farben die du anhattest... schmetterlings schön warst du, und bist es sicher noch:) das du dich an eine kupferplatte traust finde ich toll und der hauchzarte druck ist wunderschön. herzensgruss mit flatterleichtem kuss, deine julia

  12. Your post is great! I do not want to belittle myself, but some are artists, some are not! I loved all of it, but the first old photo, what utter beauty! Well, all of it, in fact. And your copperprint, that you have never done it before, Ich bin ohne Wörter. Welche schöne Schmetterlinge

  13. Ariane, that copperplate printing is something I've never heard of before. I love how your flutterbys turned out! And they, too, look like inside my stomach! Sooooo many butterflies.
    And the monarch on the roses, do I understand that it's a paper one? It looks to real and natural perched on that rose! The chrysalis of the monarch is my favorite, it's a jewel!
    My husband and I almost named our Greta, Elke! I love that name. She named her favorite little Dutch doll when she was 3, Elke. They were inseparable until Elke literally fell apart, despite all of my efforts to keep her held together. Alas, she was a doll made to sit on a shelf, not so much for a raucous little girl.
    Thanks for sharing such beauty, your printing and the photos, old and new.


  14. Oh Ariane, So beautiful are your embossed butterflies! what an amazing find in your attic. I hope the little flutters in your stomach settle down. Even with the challenge of not feeling well you always come up with something amazing and inspiring!
    Can't wait to see more from this new toy.
    xo milady

  15. Ps your new header is lovely...sign of spring, my favorite! :)

  16. My sweet butterflies,
    thank you very much for your lovely comments... made my day... weekend!




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