Samstag, 25. Februar 2012

Drawing challenge No 50: MONOGRAM

The  50th  theme of our Drawing challenge is MONOGRAM by the liebe Patrice.

I let flow the golden thread 
to an small a combinaded with a big R together with my linocut rose.

I sign my painted art with my monogram as a signature... 
but what about my photographic art?

On my memory lane I've found some pictures on the attic... from a concert in Hamburg 1991 with Morrissey. Could I better remember of taken these photographs if I had signed them with my monogram?  I'm thinking about an embosser or something like a sign of light...
a small one, a subtle one.

Please go to Patrice's lovely place to look at more monograms of artists 
from all over the world. 

And I wanna thank you our initiator of these Drawing challenge:
dear Elisabeth of textilspanieln, home base Sweden, now in India. Love to you!

 No. 45 Teatime
No. 46 Bundle
No. 47 Another Roadside Attraction
  No. 48 Umbrella/Parasol
 No. 49 Butterfly

No. 50 Patrice with 'MONOGRAM' at 25.+26.02.2012

Next: No. 51 Greta with 'BLANKET' at 03.+04.03.2012

Who is next?

20 Kommentare:

  1. liebe Ariane,

    that lino-cut rose is so, so beautiful!
    and it is nice to see your tryouts
    which turned out to become
    a strong monogram!
    the rose, a heart and your initials
    great work!!!!

    thank you for joining

    1. Thank you, again,
      dear Patrice, for that 'golden' theme.
      Love it.

  2. Dear Ariane, lovely post with delicate pictures and charming story! I love the concert with Morrissey -photos , they are strong and beautiful:)

  3. that is lovely Ariane! and yes you sould sign your photos too- especially if Morrissey is on them!
    I think mine is up now ( also chose a rose!)

  4. yes i am, honey. in for the challenge, i mean.
    erm. did you seriously photograph morissey?
    i am deeply impressed, just as much as by your playing around with your initials.
    i had a bit of an artists low point, i'm afraid, you know, one of those moments where you simply can't agree with what's happening on the paper, but you're kinda really not up for throwing the rigmarole out the window...
    sigh. initials are the pits!

    1. I did... twenty years ago. At that time...
      Dear friend, don't be afraid, remember ebb and flow.

  5. ein schöner entwurf liebste ariane, da sehe ich gleich ein schönes tatoo!
    lass schnell einen stempel davon machen, damit du künftig alle deine wunderbaren bilder/fotos signieren kannst! herzensgruss+kuss, julia

    1. Ist in Planung, liebste Julia... äh, der Stempel! Für ein Tattoo wäre ich dann doch zu feige... oder zu unentschieden.
      Herzlichst x

  6. dear Ariane, that attic of yours houses some wonderful things, i must say.
    your monogram a pretty, pretty bow and the linocut rose, well, very suitable and very lush and beautiful, xx

    1. Thank you, dear Renilde,
      you know, the attic symbolizes the future... in this meaning I arrange my futurity with keeping my past...

  7. Dear Ariane - very clever monogram, and I like the way you showed us the process you went through - the final result is lovely.

  8. Dear Ariane, I love your monogramm, your rose, and your photos!! They are stunning!

  9. liebe ariane, ich würde ja gern auch mal auf deinem dachboden stöbern!
    die linocut rose mag ich so gern und dein monogramm ist wunderschön geworden. das fotoquartett von blüten und morrissey ist witzig und ich bin gespannt, wie du die fotos demnächst signierst...
    danke für deinen kommentar! leider bin ich keine autorin und so müßte ich mir wohl eine ghostwriterin für monique und ursulas geschichte suchen...
    herzlichen gruß, mano

  10. Hallo Ariane, Dein Monogramm ist wirklich toll und ich mag auch den Weg, der dorthin geführt hat. Ganz großartig sind aber ganz klar auch Deine Fotos von Morrissey, oh mann, MORRISSEY...! Ich bin wirklich begeistert! Ich habe ihm auf meinem Blog auch schon mehrere Postings gewidmet... ;o)

    1. Danke -
      und da werde ich doch gerne mal bei Dir gucken kommen ;-)

  11. wauw, your monogram is really great, just delicate but strong.

  12. Thank you very much. Its always a pleasure with you!

  13. oooo! you got that close to Morrisey?! i've rediscovered his music after 500 days of summer (cute movie) came out. love it! transports me back to art school.
    your monogram is lovely and so you! you and i have both been pondering our identity. i love how we are all on this journey together, mothers, artists, people, getting back to their cores - and thank you too for mentioning Elisabeth! she's off dancing in the hot sun in bright and flowing silks! again! we will all have to thank her with a special post soon? She knitted us all together :)

  14. I love your lino cut rose! and your initials to me look like Arabic writing- which always feels mystical to me and reminds me of poetry.

  15. dear Ariane,
    your lino cut rose is absolutely beautiful!

    I'm really impress by it...(it one of this things I never did and for some reason look almost impossible...:-)



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