Samstag, 11. Februar 2012

Drawing challenge #48: UMBRELLA

Some poise of body catch my eye... a fortiori when two are similar but different...

 I follow my golden thread... and find her


Its amazing... 
standing directly under 'Maman' it looks like under an umbrella with its crown and frame...
I feel really protected and the blowing wind isn't cold.

Good visored one can fly!

'Ariadne Poppins' 
is a blend of Ariadne from the Greek mythology and Mary Poppins
Based on the UMBRELLA theme of lovely Renilde she's using it as a means of transportation... to do good. 

I create her of cuttings from magazines and one ball of thread on canvas. For more UMRELLAs or PARASOLs please fly to dear Renilde's stroke of the brush.


 No. 45 Teatime
No. 46 Bundle
No. 47 Another Roadside Attraction
No. 48 Renilde with UMBRELLA/PARASOL 11.+12.02.2012

Next: No. 49 Nadine with BUTTERFLY at 18.+19.02.2012

No. 50 Patrice with ? at 25.+26.02.2012

Who is next?

26 Kommentare:

  1. ariane poppins!
    i think you have succeeded in re-baptizing the queen of the eisenbachs...
    [i'm not sure on the sculpture, though. bad, bad horror movies memories, huge insects...] ;)

    1. Huge spider are thrilling, of course,
      dear woolfi.
      Even for me. All the more it was surprising for me standing under that 'Maman' it was warm and safe.
      ♥ Ariane.

  2. Wow..what a beautiful post..your art is mega-fantastic..full of life and spirit and beauty...wonderful! and all the fantastic photographs..thankyou for this enchanting visit..I had such fun flying with you!

  3. I love that first photo! and of course Louise- how she can turn a fear into comfort, very powerful! The reflection picture I think captures it..and your collage is precious!

    1. Oh, dear Kristen,
      you're right: she can turn a fear into comfort! Very healthful.
      x Ariane.

  4. oh, wauw... maman!
    it look so, so wonderful

    but hé!
    Ariane Poppins
    that made me giggle
    great job!

    1. Dear Patrice,
      I feel honored!
      Creating her made me giggle too...
      x Ariane.

  5. Dear Ariane,
    I realty love your your umbrella challenge!:
    I love the umbrella shape association - its wonderful!
    The Ariane Poppins made me smile - when I was thinking about this challenge - Mary Poppins was my first idea...I love your paper collage.....:-)

    1. Sometimes its really crazy,
      dear Hagar,
      'to be pregnant' with a theme open my mind for very different images. Taking a photo of Mr Beckham at the station was a little bit embarrassing situation... hahaha.
      x Ariane.

  6. Hello lovely lady,
    Like I already said to Demie, I love umbrellas. Especially the big, black old ones... the once that can make you fly.
    Lilli xx

    1. Hello lovely lady Lilli.
      Big, black old umbrellas make me think of India... a friend told me that the umbrellas are standing everywhere and when its rain, each one can take one. After rain they leave them right on that place.
      xx Ariane.

  7. now! you have combined two of my favorite ladies!
    Ariadne who helped Theseus, and that stupid boy left her as a gift to Dionysus, on his way back to Athens - surely she had more fun with him that she would ever have with Theseus ; ) but you know what I mean...AND Mary Poppins! I grew up with both those ladies... I can even say: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ; ) - no not really...

    your art work is one of a kind dear Ariane! lots of love d

    1. Dear Demie,
      thank you for the flowers and this huge word ;-)
      I've never been to Greece 'til now... one day.

      x Ariane.

  8. Your collage is so lovely! And David Beckham...hubba hubba!
    That giant spider like sculpture we have here in Nola as well. We were just at NOMA ( New Orleans Museum of Art and it is displayed in the sculpture garden.
    Back to your collage, I really really like it, and the thread makes it come alive.

  9. i don't mind to go next on the challenge! someone whispered a new theme into mine ear, see? i'll let you know soon. but if you like, and there's no one else yet, you can write me into our list...

    1. Please let us know what someone whispered in your ear, sweet Nadeschda! I've wrote you on the list.

    2. thxs, ariani...
      i will keep ALL of you posted.
      shhhhhh.... soon.

  10. oh i like your poppins!
    ariane poppins perhaps?!
    hope you are well.
    enjoying the winter?
    or is it already over there?
    fly safe.
    happy sunday,
    love and viel spass!

    1. I enjoy winter...
      in the night some snow came from the north, thank you, dear Sara!
      Our huge Alster River is frozen and we celebrate it. Next week the temperatures will be up-zero...

      Hope you're doing well.
      Happy Sunday to you with lots of love
      and viel Spass!
      x Ariane

  11. There is always that softness in your creations, typical Ariane and it always touches me.
    I have been intrigued by Louise Bourgeois' work since i first saw it, quite a lady.
    Thanks Ariane, great post! xx

  12. I really, really admire your imagination! I wish I was as creative!

    Beautiful :)

  13. wonderful post!
    i agree with Kristen :)
    thanks, dear!

  14. There's also a Maman in Ottawa. It's beautiful!
    This post is very nice! Keep taking nice pictures! :D


    Imogen <3

  15. wunderschöne bilder, der winter macht deine fotos noch poetischer, wie gemalt!
    die spinne hab ich in schweden, mitten im nichts und in bilbao gesehen. kann es kaum erwarten in die ausstellung zu gehen, vielleicht mit dir?? herzensgruss, julia



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