Montag, 28. Januar 2013

Burg, Küche außen und innen

Tauben, die draußen vor der Burg am Eisenbach eine Dusche Schneeregen nehmen

Pigeons taking a shower of sleet outside in front of the Castle at the Eisenbach

  es ist nasskalt... its dank... (and look, there are more beads:)

Drinnen erblüht eine weiße Rose von der 100. Vorstellung des Stückes, 
in dem der König von der Burg mitspielt

Inside blossoms a white rose of the 100th performance of play 
on what the King of the Castle is acting

ein Engel... an angel of Stefanie

und frische Tulpen... and fresh tulipsfrom the market

Diese wunderschöne goldene Karte angekommen... 
This wonderful pretty gold card made by dear Ingrid van den Brand
has arrived

die ich erstmal in Sicherheit bringe, als ich mit dem Kochen anfange...
 wenig später hörte sich die Waschmaschine an, als würde sie "yummy yummy" skandieren... 
which I take safe in an other place when I start with cooking...
shortly afterwards the washing mashine sounds as it chants 'yummy yummy'...
 I agree;)

Wish you a happy day!

16 Kommentare:

  1. What are you making Ariane? Except from the carrots that are very international, all other stuff look very mediterranean ;)

    Always beautiful flowers at the Castle of Eisenbach!

    1. I cook rice, dear Demie. Braise lightly the carrots, courgettes, champions, shalotts and garlic in oil. I sear pieces of chicken, spike it with salt, cumin and lemon grass and deglaze it with clear soup. Put it together with the vegetable in a pot, fill in coconut milk.
      See, its mediterranean and asiatic... Bon appétit!

  2. A happy day for you too, Ariane! I love your photos, as always.

    1. Lise, dear Lise,
      so nice to see you here again!
      Will come to your place...
      nosy ;)

      x Ariane

  3. Thank you,dear Ariane ..I'm honoured!
    By the way I love that little bird on the stone...just gorgeous!

    xxx Ingrid

    1. Its a delight, dear Ingrid!
      btw the bird is on a pot, which it is alas

      Best to you,
      xo Ariane.

  4. What a great day I love Arianes visual journal entries. I feel like Ive paid youa visit Im just sitting out of view enjoying a coffee and a chat. We would definitely be talking about those lovely gifts and the creamy tulips. I would want to know about that beautiful little bird on the wall too.

    thanks for your hospitality Ariane

    PS: I sent you an email about hosting a drawing challenge.

    Helen x

    1. You are welcome here, dear Helen!

      I've add you to the list, but didn't tell the theme now, because there shall no one get to be confused ;)

      x Ariane.

  5. ;^))))
    you already
    have a robin!

    Patrice A.

    1. This robin is only a tiny place holder, dear Patrice ;)
      even the pigeons are subtext... subpictures... Do you know that I name them 'Patrice' since I saw this nearly two years ago?! Love your birds and I can't wait for YOUR robin.

      xo Ariane

  6. dear ariane,
    a happy one back to you!
    i am making my favorite soup of this winter,
    a potato horseradish soup that my german friend used to make!
    it tastes nordic!
    like a meal for a viking lady, hihihi!

    1. Sounds delicious, dear Sara,
      maybe you can add smoked salmon, no? A real meal for a viking lady, given that you like fish ;)

      Hugs! dearly
      x Ariane.

  7. what delicate ice you have!
    i wish i was a pigeon at the castle : )



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