Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013


Die letzte Schoki ist verputzt... am Dreikönigstag 
mit meinem König zum Neujahrsempfang des Theaters gegangen...
 in der Burg am Eisenbach die Tanne abgetakelt

The last chocolate is eaten... at the Twelfth Day
have been to the New Year reception of the theatre... 
in the Castle at the Eisenbach the fir unrigged

alles verstaut... (Schubladen neu mit Tapete bezogen)... Bücher bereitgelegt:

all stored... (drawers covered with wallpaper)... books layed out ready:

 Meinen Kindern das Häkeln beibringen, gesünder Kochen... und lesen... 
Pläne umsetzen für 2013... und Du?

To teach my kids crochet, to cook more healthily... and to read... 
 plans for 2013 implementing... and you?


  1. Thomas Mann is my favorite author. Happy New Year Ariane! Looking forward to some drawing challenges ahead; I just need to catch up on a few before I join in again but I am thinking of you. Hugs, Norma, x

  2. To focus and to continue to listen to my heart. And to relax once in a while..that's difficult for me :-)). I wish you also a happy .2013 ,Ariane!! Xx Ingrid

  3. To snuggle my grand babies, eat more chocolate, and to follow the path ahead of me with my eyes wide open. Happy days to you, Ariane.

  4. printing, printing and more printing for me (and I like Carole's eat more chocolate pledge)
    xxoo, sus

  5. hmmm....
    to read even more as before
    start that webshop
    enjoying the moment
    listen and follow my heart
    and trouble less

    Patrice A.


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