Samstag, 23. März 2013

dc #97: EGG

I have curtain an egg here...

coming from the inside of a hen... 

I have mixed yellow pigment into the yolk, added 
a little oil and into the egg white I put some gold pigment...

and paint with this egg tempera...

this hen!

For this week's drawing challenge our host is dear Norma with her theme egg 
Please have a look at her beautiful nest...  she has the enumeration of marvellous artists' eggs

My little twin chicken turns 12 today... so I will find your eggs a little bit later this weekend

and next week I will have a short brake from blogging... so, even now I wish you 

Happy Easter!



Now: No 97 Norma with EGG at 23rd + 24th of March

Next: No 98 at 6th + 7th of April??



*1 Egg with rose... I have made a napkin decoupageon on a goose egg
*2 Hen in yellow grass made by my son, when 8y old

15 Kommentare:

  1. hieperdepiep HOERA!!!!
    happy birthday sweet twin chickens!

    about your painting
    you are so, so clever!
    a painting with egg-tempera
    THE best!

    enjoy your break
    and happy easter to you all

    Patrice A.

  2. happy birthday!
    egg tempera this is a great idea
    and the the hen, too, is just wonderful!
    x Stefanie

  3. Hallo Ariane,
    Was für ein strahlendes , warmes , sonniges Gelb. Wunderbar. tolle Idee mit dem EiTempera.
    richtig goldig Deine Henne.
    wünsch Dir eine frohe Osterzeit.
    lg Petra

  4. i already fell in love with the wrapped chicken and she really shines!! unpacked, (this idea is so you Ariane, always trying out, putting things to the test, ha i love you for that)
    love(3x this word in 1 post!?;)to the twin chickens, have fun, xx

  5. Hello Ariane, Happy Birthday to the twin chickens and Happy Easter to you all!
    Thank you for showing us your egg tempera technique. Your hen is lovely and happy.
    xo Carole

  6. I love your precious chicken. That face, the beak and eyes just make my day fill with happiness to look at it. Sending best birthday AND Easter greetings to you Ariane! Bless, N, xo

  7. Ariane,a rose on the egg, so beautiful! And I love the hen! Happy Easter to you, too!

  8. dear ariane; i associate you with tempera!
    back a few decades i read about tempera in english magazines, and it always made me wonder. now, here, and unexpected you are a loyal user.
    oh, and maker!
    preparing for easter, will you? you just take your time, sweet one. lie down like hepburn, would be my advice. let the others treat you for a change.
    enjoy your time 'off'...!

  9. Liebe Ariane, was für ein nettes goldenes Huhn, hat so ein positive Ausstrahlung, dass man sich sofort freuen muß. Das Huhn von deinem Sohn finde ich allerdings megageil - Kinder habens doch immer wieder drauf. Hammer.
    Schöne Blogpause und frohe Ostern!

  10. Have a wonderful rest and Easter! Love your egg-hen such a unique way of working I'm always impressed with how you find different materials to use, and your photos as usual are so magical!

  11. liebe ariane, dein huhn ist einfach megagroßartig! die eitempera verschafft ihm ein geniales gelb, so leuchtend und sonnig und frühlingshaft, dass einem das herz aufgeht. lang ist es her, dass ich mit eitempera gemalt habe, ich sollte es dringend wieder aufgreifen, die farben werden einfach unglaublich.
    herzlichen glückwunsch den twins und eine wunderschöne osterzeit, genieß deine blogpause! alles liebe, mano

  12. Das Huhn ist ja super! Also beide, Deins und das vom Sohn. Und ich hatte beim ersten Bild gleich Lust auf Luftpolsterfolienzerdrücken! ;o))
    Frohe Ostertage!!

  13. Such genius to make egg tempera to create your happy Hen, Ariane. Wishing you a blessed Easter, sus

  14. This is inspired!

    Happy Spring and Happy Easter, Cindi

  15. dear a,
    very much felt like coloring our eggs this year.
    haven't done so since childhood i believe!
    perhaps tomorrow.
    i went from pesach to easter...very nice! springtime!
    hugs to you



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