Samstag, 16. März 2013

dc #96: WILLOW

Sitting in the morning sun with an early cup of Earl Grey I ponder about willow...
tree... wood... element wood... Feng shui... blue... green... phases from transformation of Spring... easter

Willows are growing close to waters...
 I mistook some poplar for a willow... they are botanical sisters
The willow has got a sturdy main stem and easy, dancing branches with very different leaves... here lancet-shaped leaves will grow after the willow catkin has blossomed...
 dipping soft into the water...  moving with the wind

The flowing movement of the willow... 
similar to the birch... calms my breath, calms my mind

Even if a willow is drastic cutted it sprouds their branches again and again.

So... willow is a Bach flower... no. 38... salix vitellin
 A flower essence of conciliation and forgiveness

Even is willow a cure at headache and fever... 
an agent of willow bark is salicin and in the human body it has the same effect as acetylsalicylic acid... so its a naturally occurring pain reliever and a botanical precursor of Aspirin

On my walk along the Eisenbach... a creek... I see a nest and the limber branches of a willow...

I cut a few of them with a scissors for plants 
that I have taken with me.... knowing that the branches of willows are too fibrous to brake...
 the smell of childhood...

 At home I start to form a little basket...

put it on the heating during the night to fix the form... look how the colour 
at the bottom has changed because the mesh is dry now...
and with fresh willow catkin branches I decorate the brim...

ta-dah!... a willow basket.

The drawing of the willow I have made with brown ink and actually I have coloured it with clouds of green-yellow eyeshadow... but its too soft to photograph, sorry.

Dear Carole is our host this weekend for the 96th of dc... drawing challenge... with... you can see where its going, right?... willow!
Please take a liana and swing to her exciting place to see more willows of fantastic artist.


Now: No 96 Carole with WILLOW at 16th + 17th of March

Next: No 97 Norma with EGG at 23rd + 24th of March

Who is our host next weekend?


Wish you a contented weekend!

20 Kommentare:

  1. hallo ariane
    wunderbarer spaziergang den du uns zeigst
    und so ein weidenkörbchen
    möchte ich jetzt auch machen.
    lg petra

  2. what a wonderful post - I have always been impressed with just how huge the willow can get, but loved hearing all the uses of it...what a talented tree-
    And your basket is just lovely- my talented friend :)

  3. This willow basket is charming and so inspiring. My friend Fran will love this and I will share your post with her. Willow branches, when charred, can also be used from drawing, one of my favorite ephemeral compressed charcoal.

  4. I love your willow journey starting with a cup of Earl Grey, and enjoyed that you found some of the same things about willow that I know. The basket is marvelous. Some years ago I bought two children's chairs made of willow from a craftsman in British Columbia and have always wanted to learn how to do it, as well.

  5. sweet friend,
    i LOVE your fine basket
    such a great idea
    and i like your story
    can see you sit
    in the morning sun ;^))
    thank you for this
    inspiring post

    Patrice A.

  6. i love working with the branches of the willow - wraps and balls and so much more...

  7. A willow journey with you, Ariane, opens my eyes to even more beauty than on my journeys alone. You are a great teacher and research is a gift you are blessed to have. I'm in love with your basket. xo Carole

  8. great informative text,
    dear ariane!
    thanks for that...
    and i love your basket, DIY!, wonderful!
    and been wanting to learn how to weave them now for a while.

    big hug

  9. Ariane, I had forgotten that willow is a precursor to aspirin. Such a delightful wander through the willows here with you. Your little basket is just so inspiring - any Easter Rabbit in the world would be proud to carry it.

  10. The basket had me going...but then when you crowned it with fresh pussy willows my heart melted in a puddle. How lovely this is Ariane!! I hope that it magically gets filled with delicious goodies for your eye and spirit. You have filled my spirit with this post. Thank you! Norma, xo
    p.s. love the shots of that creek. Just wonderful shots period...

  11. 'sitting in the morning sun', reminds me of that song, you know? 'one day like this', by elbow...

    wow! i didn't know all of that about our mate, the willow tree! thank you for that information! you describe it well, the 'dancing branches, dipping'...

    mah! look at that! you, creator-on-the-spot. how delightful!! it is a beautiful willow basket!!
    well, the liana brought me to you, dear! loved the swaying. you clever, clever woman!

    1. "Throw those curtains wide", dear Nadeschda...
      Elbow... One Day Like This with the BBC Concert Orchestra and choir Chantage
      Thank you for the hint, its a marvellous song... and her with the BBC Concert Orchestra... wow, I have got goosebumps!

      x A.

  12. that third photo made me hold my breath for a moment, i want to be there... then i am in to even more beautiful surprises, like the birds nest and you weaving your own little nest, a basket so touching in its simple beauty, the fresh catkins make it a real spring basket, refreshing post Ariane, xx

  13. nice, Ariane, you have made something out of the willow and even more nice you show how :-)

  14. Och, ist das schön! Besonders mit dem pelzigen Rand!
    Danke für's Zeigen, jetzt mach ich mir bestimmt auch mal eins! :o)

  15. Was für ein schöner Tagesanfang in deinem Sessel mit Earl Grey...deine Weidenkörbchen ist wunderschön und macht Lust auf den Frühling!
    Herzliche Grüße

  16. Tolle Fotos und dieses Weidenkörbchen ist einfach wunderschön und man hofft seufzend auf Frühling.

  17. Die Fotos sind wie Malereien, ganz besonders bezaubernd...
    Und dieser Weidenkorb - ich bin total beeindruckt!
    Herzliche Grüße,

  18. ein wunderschöner post und ein entzückendes weidenkörbchen!
    mein kranz kommt bald auf eine schale auf den essstisch und wird mit österlichem gefüllt.
    liebe grüße, mano



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