Samstag, 8. März 2014

dc #130: HAIR

Heaven, this light!

Let's go to the seaside!

With  hair  in my mind everything turns into flowing movement.

I've inherit the hair structure (fine) and colour (dishwater blonde with a touch of red) of my Grandmother Elisabeth (downright with my flaxen-haired Mother). Not happy with that I gave my hair a bleach it in my twenties, coloured it from flaxen-haired over red to nearly black and back, sometimes all this colours together (and once only permed... Yikes!), parade it short and flashy, next long, with a stern bun (relaxed with a boutonnière, a rose of course). But then, year before last: my hair was breaking off, hair loss.. something with the hormones? Scourge! (at this time my friend loss her hair from chemo, but she won!)
I cut it. It recovered. Now I wear it shoulder-length, natural with silver wisps.

For this dc my eldest daughter pose and I sketch the drawing with red chalk on paper:
hair  is the theme of dearest Nadeschda of woolfenbell.

For more hairdo please come to her woolfenbell hair salon ;-)



No 129 Vase

today: No 130: Nadeschda of woolfenbell with HAIR

No 131: Kristen of A Sunny Spot


who is our next host?

Happy weekend full of light!

13 Kommentare:

  1. Hi, Ariane, maybe our hair, speak for us, right? (I've lost a lot of it, what could that mean? ) :)
    Love the red hair of your daughter. I told you, one of my daughters, Virginia, has the same, identical color and hair texture, see the photo of your daughter is like seeing a picture of my daughter.
    Very good your post!
    Happy Women's Day!

  2. such beautiful beach images, from shadows to your children with their lovely red hair. my mother is a redhead, though strawberry blonde now, she will always be a redhead ;-)
    your sketches of your daughter are so lovely.

  3. beautiful sketches and photos. My daughters - strawberry blond, and a redhead - I love the beach images and the shadows too.

  4. I love the photos of wind swept hair at the beach!
    Good to know that someone else has decided to go au natural too :)

  5. That is a lovely story and marvelous images!! Oh and I do enjoy the light via your photos.. it has been so cloudy over here for a long time xo Leena

  6. well, the sun has set, you may be back home?
    what a day for an outing. as i was wandering outside too, and chewed off too much for my poor feet to take, i did think of you, because of a lorry i passed en route, i'll show the bugger later this week...

    your drawings are so natural, i like the nonchalance. and that black and white photo feels really special.
    your stills are gorgeous, as ever.
    thxs for playing, ariane

  7. Hello Ariane, with the wind sweeping through your hair. I too have natural grey streaking through my brown locks. It's a shocker at first but now it's pure love knowing that we earned these silver crowns. Lovely photos. xo Carole

  8. Your kids have beautiful hair- there really is nothing like young hair- I'm always ogling my kids can become a disappointment the older we get though I think that may have more to do with our perception of whats changing in us...
    I love your drawing- looks so natural and photos are beautiful as always~

  9. Wie schön: Ich find die Zeichnungen von Deiner Tochter so attraktiv, sehr anmutig und leicht, wirken wie nebenbei gemacht und das soll ein Kompliment sein: so gekonnt!
    Die wilden Haare sind auch toll!
    Hab eine schöne Woche x Stefanie

  10. ooh, that beautiful hair of your daughters
    .... sigh .....
    and the drawing is a classic!

    i have dyed my hair often
    and had a perme just onec, like you, yek!!
    but for more than 10 year i do not color my hair anymore
    and depending on the light it even looks more grey than it is ;^))

  11. That's a beautiful sketch and also beautiful red haired children. I love red haired children. My youngest grandchild has red hair; I hope she doesn't develop a temper to go with Well done.

  12. schade, dass ich nicht die haare deiner großmutter elisabeth geerbt habe!
    wunderschöner post!
    herzlichen gruß nach hamburg!



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